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The Underhill Report: Outrageous Jets vs. Bills Week Seven Predictions



Through four weeks of the NFL season, things were definitely feeling a little too comfortable for Bills Mafia. Welp, I think we’ve gone a full 180. A 4-0 group that looked unstoppable was just buried in back-to-back weeks on national television. Life comes at you fast in the NFL because you would think the sky is falling in Western New York, based on fan reactions.

Let me spell out a little wisdom for you. In the NFL, you’re never as good as you look, and you’re never as terrible as you look. Let’s be clear: we’re a good football team. However, there shouldn’t be many excuses for how we performed against two of the best teams in the AFC. At a certain point, McDermott needs to show Buffalo can compete toe-to-toe with the best-of-the-best in the league.

So, let’s get to some wacky, but plausible, predictions for this week:

McBeane’s “Adam Gasian-like” cutting of OG Quinton Spain was in the interest of mimicking the Jets in order to prepare for their opponent

Ok, follow me here. It was difficult to come up with a positive spin of the Quinton Spain release, so here’s the best I’ve got. Every football team prepares uniquely based on the opponent they are facing that week. My theory is… in order to prepare for a historically incompetent and terrible team like the 2020 New York Jets, the Bills decided to pull a trick out of the Adam Gase playbook by cutting a starting-caliber player like Quinton Spain.

I think the move was purely in the interest of gaining a better understanding of how the Jets do things around their building. That way, McDermott and the coaching staff can gameplan accordingly Sunday.

But in all seriousness… this transaction should have Bills Mafia livid. This is ugly, there’s no way around it. How do you let a guy go that started every game last season and earned a three-year, $15 million extension this offseason?

Buffalo Bills release OL Quinton Spain

Spain was benched after two weeks into 2020 and never returned to the starting lineup. The coaching staff could’ve been looking to send Spain a message or purely trying to mix-and-match along the offensive line to see what works best. Either way, I can’t see a scenario where Spain didn’t eventually return to the starting lineup.

And that’s what makes Spain’s release such a disaster. (Trigger warning: I’m about to be critical of Sean McDermott and Brandon Beane for a second.) McDermott and Beane got too cute with their handling of the offensive line this season. They fell so victim to their belief in their own “culture” that they don’t stop talking about. As much as the McBeane regime wants to think that the Bills organization is a magical place where everyone is a 100% team player 100% of the time, that’s just too naive to think. Not every ego gets checked at the door.

A guy like Quinton Spain had a right to feel slighted by the coaching decisions. You would think he got paid that $15 million to be on the field every second but apparently not. The front office and the coaching staff blew this one.

Ok, my rant is over… back to some predictions

Tremaine Edmunds blocks out all the haters to the tune of two sacks and TWO picks

The “Tremaine Edmunds needs to move to outside linebacker” crowd had a field-day Monday evening. He was bad, looked lost, and we all know the Bills got GASHED in the run game.

Bills LB Tremaine Edmunds is heading to the Pro Bowl

There’s a LOT to be fixed on this defense, but after Sunday, fans won’t be saying Tremaine Edmunds is one of them. After all, there’s no better “get right” game than against the New York Jets offense. We’ve seen too much good over Tremaine’s career thus far to overreact over one bad game.

Whether it’s Sam Darnold, Joe Flacco, or Broadway Joe playing quarterback, it won’t matter. Two sacks and two picks on the day for the Maine Savage.

MetLife Stadium plays the ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ theme song whenever the Jets make a dumb play

The 0-6 Jets may never win this season. I say the stadium staff might as well lean into it and embrace the disaster. Imagine hearing this blared through an empty stadium after Darnold or Flacco throws a pick:

Or how about the Benny Hill theme after a wild fumble sequence?

Maxwell Underhill (twitter: @cincodemaxo) is a contributor for BuffaloFanatics, blog writer for the in-season “Outrageous Predictions” column, and co-host of the “Bills Overdue” vidcast streaming every Saturday at 6pm ET on Facebook, YouTube, and Periscope.