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The Underhill Report: Outrageous Buffalo Bills vs. Arizona Cardinals Predictions



Bills Mafia, let’s hope this isn’t the peak of the mountain. The Buffalo Bills travel to the desert this week fresh off the heels of their most impressive victory of the 2020 campaign. A 44-34 win over Seattle should have everyone around Western New York talking Super Bowl aspirations. From beginning to end, it was a dominant display of a talented and well-coached football team.

The ensuing post-game story-lines were ever-so-sweet. Finally, it’s not an overreaction to say that Josh Allen looks like a transcendent player at the quarterback position. To paraphrase CBS analyst Adam Schein, anyone who doesn’t recognize Josh Allen’s greatness doesn’t know football.

Also, Pete Carroll is currently in his basement with an abacus trying to understand why Brian Daboll thought it was a good idea to pass the ball every down against his historically terrible pass defense.

Switching to the other side of the ball, the Bills defensive game-plan was masterfully executed by Sean McDermott, Leslie Frazier, and company. The “Let Russ Cook” show burnt down the whole damn kitchen with four burnt apple turnovers.

Apple Turnovers — Steam and Bake
Russ loved his signature apple turnovers on Sunday

As good as that victory felt, it’s time to turn the page as a road matchup with Arizona looms closer. Without further ado, here are my outrageous predictions for this Sunday in the desert:

All of Bills Mafia collectively agrees that they were never someone who hated AJ Klein

Much maligned linebacker, AJ Klein, was far from a fan-favorite in Buffalo prior to week nine. Klein found his footing in Buffalo’s defensive scheme against Seattle, coming through with a monster stat line that had Bills fans cleaning their glasses and adjusting their television sets. But it was true! AJ Klein rose from the dead!

I think he’ll continue his ascendence vs. the Cardinals and you’ll be hearing a lot from Bills fans at the water cooler Monday morning who insist they were never an AJ Klein hater.

Josh Allen accidentally steps on and squashes Kyler Murray during the opening coin toss

Poor little Kyler Murray : memes

This joke was low-hanging fruit, but I stand by it. Josh Allen is 6’5″, Kyler Murray is listed as 5’10” but is probably closer to 5’9″. Say no more.

Pretty boy Kliff Kingsbury gets in a bar fight with Sean McDermott post-game

I have a general feeling that if you put Sean McDermott and Kliff Kingsbury alone in a room together, the two would not get along. I don’t think old-school McDermott would approve of Kliff’s way of running a football team.

Kliff would make some wise-ass pretentious comment, and Sean would hit him with the force of ‘process’ square on the chin. Call it a generational gap, but Kingsbury is naturally the odd one out when it comes to the way you think of NFL head coaches.

Kliff is the sexy sportscar with the suicide doors. But he’s stuck in traffic behind 31 old slow-moving Buicks.

Maxwell Underhill (twitter: @cincodemaxo) is a contributor for BuffaloFanatics, blog writer for the in-season “Outrageous Predictions” column, and co-host of the “Bills Overdue” vidcast streaming every Saturday at 6pm ET on Facebook, YouTube, and Periscope.