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Buffalo Bills

The True Meaning of Being a Buffalo Bills Fan

Why Bills Mafia are the best fans in sports



Forever devoted, enthusiastically supportive, and extremely passionate are undeniably what it means to be a die-hard Buffalo Bills fan and a member of the Bills Mafia. The community of Buffalo Bills fans go above and beyond to support their team, to the point where fandom turns into obsession and the obsession turns into a way of life.

Born and raised in the city of Buffalo you are immediately immersed in Buffalo culture.  Approximately 250,000 people of diverse nationalities are united by these few simple things:   Buffalo Wings, Lake Effect Snow, and the Buffalo Bills. 

It doesn’t matter how old you are, your gender, background, or social status; if you were born in Buffalo you are expected to be a Bills fan even if you aren’t interested in football.  In Buffalo you can you walk down the street, meet a stranger, and know that you will have something in common with them. For 3 hours on a Sunday afternoon in the fall/winter, the people of Buffalo set aside their differences, and come together to support their team at New Era Field almost like it’s a holiday. Whether the people of Buffalo are cheering at the stadium, or watching at home, Sunday afternoons are dedicated to the Buffalo Bills. Over 70,000 fans show up each week to Orchard Park for the same reason. Whether its sunny, lake effect snow, or bitter cold weather, New Era Field will always be full and will always be loud. Hundreds of fans attend training camp, practice, and call into the radio to voice their opinions, analyze the players and question the coaches which proves their dedication and devotion to their beloved team. 

Whether it is breaking tables, participating in crazy antics, or tailgating in the RV lots days before the game, fans of the Bills will take sports obsession to the extreme because Bills fans want to be the best fans in sports. All around the nation there are restaurants and bars flooded with Bills fans singing the Shout song. Visit any city and find someone wearing Bills apparel and you will find another devoted fan that an instant bond will be created with.

Bills fans have endured four consecutive super bowl losses, followed by 17 consecutive seasons without making the playoffs. If you ask any Bills fan, almost none of them were less passionate during the drought than they were during the super bowl runs. It’s the same passion, day in and day out, for the thousands of people in Buffalo and thousands more around the world. Bills fans have endured every emotion there is to endure and fans still invest their entire lives into the team. Buffalo fans filled the streets when their kicker went wide right and missed a field goal to lose Super Bowl XXV. Buffalo fans met their team at the airport in zero-degree weather to celebrate making the playoffs ending their 17 season playoff drought.  Buffalo fans nearly outnumbered Jacksonville Jaguars fans in Jacksonville, FL during their 2017-2018 NFL Playoffmatchup. Buffalo Bill fans supported the Andy and Jordan Dalton foundation donating over $400,000 following Andy Dalton’s clutch touchdown pass to spring the Bills into the playoffs, ending the playoff drought. In the recent 2018-2019 season, the Chicago Bears released a video calling the Bills Mafia a laughing stock. Bills fans responded by donating almost $10,000 to Chicago charities. Bills Mafia is about so much more than table smashing and the crazy antics. It is a community of good people joined together to be the best fans in sports.

Buffalo Bills fans share a special bond with each other.  Through the good times and bad, Buffalo Bills fans continuously show their loyalty to the team and the organization. They have admiration for past players and are truly the 12th man. Players like Jim Kelly and Bruce Smith will forever be heroes to the city of Buffalo for the success they brought. Players like Kyle Williams and Fred Jackson will never be forgotten for what they did for the city and organization. Show love to Buffalo and Buffalo will love you back but talk poorly about the Bills and you will offend thousands. Buffalo fans will continue to be hopefully optimistic that someday they will return to the Super Bowl. They will continue to wear their zubaz pants, their favorite jersey and scream as loud as they can because they are and forever will be the best fans in sports. It isn’t just a sports obsession. Being a Bills fanatic is being a part of a family.  

Born and raised in Buffalo, as a Bills Mafia member since the day I was born here. Passion and love for football and football analysis