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The Spy: New York Jets at Last – The Final Flight 



The Buffalo Bills will close out the 2021-22 regular season with a home matchup versus the abysmal, flightless New York Jets. It may feel as though things are wrapped up for the regular season and that the Bills are cornered mainly with the playoffs. But, alas, it is not that simple. To secure the AFC East Division Championship, the Bills MUST win this game against the Jets. Do be cognizant that this Jets team gave the Tampa Bay Buccaneers all they could handle last week and nearly won the game.

Also, in this matchup, troubled rookie quarterback Zach Wilson will be manning the helm. This was not the case in the matchup earlier in the season. The Bills are the better team in every way and should knock the Jets out of the sky with relative ease. That said, the greatest threat to the Bills is (by far) themselves. Many times (too many) this season we have seen the Bills become complacent, distracted, and uncharacteristically ineffective. That cannot occur on Sunday. It also is likely to be yet another poor weather game. What threatens the Bills the most on this New York Jets team?

SPY 1: Nothing to Lose

Beyond the players mentioned in this column prior to the first Bills-Jets game, there really isn’t anyone else on the Jets who pose a significant threat to the Bills. However, the Jets do pose a significant threat in another regard.

They have nothing to play for, no accolades to be captured, no playoff bid, nothing… except to play spoiler to a rival’s divisional title bid. What the Jets can do is play as if they have nothing to lose and I expect that to be their most likely course of action come game time. The Bills must not allow themselves to fall victim to the spoiler bid.



  • Run game
  • Nothing to lose mentality
  • Serviceable coaching 


  • Passing offense
  • Scoring capacity
  • Ball control
  • Defensive effectiveness 
  • Trench play


Regardless of a win or loss vs the Jets this coming week, the most likely opponent for the Bills to open the playoffs is the New England Patriots.


Each opponent will be ranked on a 1-10 scale. On this scale, the higher the number = The greater the threat to the Bills specifically.

Threat Rating = 3

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