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Buffalo Bills

The McBeane Menu: The Big “Smoke” Burger

The Buffalo Bills started the game off with 19 straight passes. Juicy. Not sure I thought I would ever see that from a Buffalo Bills coaching staff, let alone a team coached by a guy who is obsessed with “winning the line of scrimmage.”



Nevertheless, this is promising, and the coaches are showing they’re not going to “baby” Josh Allen in the kitchen. The amount of confidence the coaching staff have in #17 to cook things up was on full display Sunday. So much so that they are even giving him full flexibility on play calls at the line.

Unfortunately, some of those changes led to turnovers, not the good apple kind either. Specifically, Josh Allen’s fumble: Josh is seeing a stacked box, and I’m almost willing to guarantee a running play was called where he made an audible to pass. As the Jet’s Defense began to tee off, Josh in some cases, should have left some plays that Chef Daboll cooked up.

Tasty Smokey Flavor.

John “Smokey” Brown was really the spark plug and main ingredient all game with some juicy crosses and ultimately game a winning touchdown on a streak. He is already showing to be a key acquisition, and I was excited when I got the news about the signing of Smoke. Dude is fast AF, and he crosses the field like he’s the flash. He is tasty ingredient on a team whose Quarterback throws the ball with some serious sauce.

The guy they call “Smoke” saved Chef Daboll’s day. After Josh Allen’s fumble, the Bills offense did not look appetizing with Smoke being the only real threat, sprinkling in some short throws and a mishandled pass to Cole Beasley, resulting in a pick six. I was, however, thoroughly enjoying and eating up the crossing routes and short throws. Josh Allen got a little too hungry and over-aggressive with his play-calls at the line where he may want to trust Chef Daboll a little more.

The Right Recipe.

Is the pass-heavy recipe a thing to come for this offense? Not just yet. This game-plan was primarily a function of a Jet’s secondary lacking flavor of any kind. In fact, given what they saw Devin “Motor” Singletary serve up, it may ensure the Bills run more. Why a guy called “Motor” only had 4 carries all game (all in the second half) when Frank Gore went 11 for 20 yards? I don’t know. Singletary was spark plug “B” providing some heat on that big juicy burger when ordered upon.

A Sack Lunch.

On the defensive side, the recipe Leslie Frazier & Sean McDermott cooked up was on point. They put something together that focused on containing newly signed running back LeVeon Bell, who touched the ball 23 times but only garnered 92 yards total and only 60 on the ground. The Bills D-Kitchen received contributions from all chefs and players, especially when they turned the heat up on 2nd year QB Sam Darnold.

Chef Leslie ordered up some ham and egg blitzes with hot sauce that had Sam Darnold looking like he had to go to the toilet and resulted in four sacks. This also resulted in Darnold averaging only 4.3 yards/completion whereas Josh Allen averaged 6.9 yards/completion. Delicious.

As much as this was a team win from a coaching perspective, with the defense mostly shutting down the Jets offense by confusing Sam Darnold disguising blitzes and zones, the game really came down to four missed special team’s points by the Jets and four made points by the Bills’ special teams.

Some Special Sauce.

I am glad the Bills did not give up on Stephen Hauschka as his four points, ultimately became the difference. I’m not sure Chef McBeane would let their team walk into a season without a kicker. My only recipe change request on special teams, to the new Special Teams co-ordinator and Chef, Heath Farwell: Can we please stop letting Micah Hyde return punts???? Yes, he’s sure-handed, and his fair catch slides are cool, but I really don’t want the Bills starting safety getting injured on special teams.

So, how did it taste?

All in all, it was sack lunch for the Defense on Sunday and a Big Smoke recipe was served to the New York Jets, with the main ingredient being well, Smoke. There was some roasting heat from the “motor,” some from sheer fast food from the defensive backs, and some tasty meat from the D-Line.

Let’s continue this next week to see if McBeane orders up another refreshing pass-first scheme and/or gets the Motor added in earlier in the recipe. Overall the ingredients used by Buffalo Bills coaching staff and chefs including the secondary, D-Line, and Special teams proved to be of better quality and freshness than the New York Jets, and in my eyes the better team did win. I say, so far so good, and I’m lovin’ it! 1st in the AFC East (tied of course)!

Until next week, folks! Be sure to check out Week 2’s McBeane menu item. From Toronto,Canada, Go BILLS!