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The Draft Spies (Vol. IV): Teven Jenkins



In order for offenses to be productive at any level (high school, college, the pros), they need a stout and physical presence on the line of scrimmage. A couple weeks ago, we looked at Ohio State guard Wyatt Davis. Now, we return to the offensive line well to look at one of the few physical, aggressive offensive tackle prospects in the 2021 NFL Draft: Teven Jenkins.

SPY 1: WHO is the prospect?

Teven Jenkins was born and raised in Topeka, Kansas. Jenkins was a triple-sport athlete playing football, basketball and baseball at Topeka High School. In his last two years, he earned All-State Athlete Honors in those sports. Jenkins was rated as the 21st best high school player in Kansas (MaxPreps), earning a three-star prospect rating. According to 247 Sports, Jenkins received scholarship offers from Oklahoma State, Kansas State, Louisville, Nebraska, and Missouri as a three-star recruit. Ultimately, he decided to play for Mike Gundy at Oklahoma State.

SPY 2: WHERE did he come from?

At Oklahoma State, Jenkins met and exceeded expectations. The only games he ever missed were when he opted out midway through the 2020 season to prepare for the NFL draft. (It was confirmed by Jenkins himself that he was dealing with back pain; at present we do not know the current impact of this injury.) He played 100% of games leading up to this past season. He mainly played right tackle, but did switch to left tackle for one game to fill in for an injured player, per ESPN. It is important to note that Jenkins has said he prefers the right tackle position and that he feels he is a better player there.

Jenkins told Sports Illustrated that his OL coaches at the college played a significant role in his growth as a player and person and that it helped him to crystalize his priorities. “When I first got here I was just taking it day by day,” Jenkins said of his arrival in the summer of 2016. “Lucky for me, I had some great coaches… like Coach Glass to push me to get to where I am right now. I’m really fortunate to have the talent that I have.”

SPY 3: WHAT are his attributes?

Few offensive line prospects in this year’s draft are as physical and aggressive in the trenches as Teven Jenkins. (The word that comes to mind is “Domination”.) Whether at tackle or guard, he uses all of his 6’6”, 320 pound frame to drive opponents out of the play, into the ground, or (more often than not) both. Play after play, the Oklahoma State product shows the natural skill and execution of a dominant lineman. According to Head Coach Mike Gundy,  “He [Jenkins] has tremendous feet. He’s got good leverage, he’s highly intelligent and his work ethic is getting better this year [2020].”


As Jordan Reid of The Draft Network points out, he’s “a quick setter that’s… created a habit of establishing quick wins by striking his hands and controlling defenders”. Needless to say, he will block opponents from whistle to whistle and beyond.

However, his play style occasionally results in unnecessary penalties (see the WTD Analysis below). Additionally, he is not the most athletic lineman, which could lead to questions about his positional fit at the professional level (guard vs. tackle).

WTD Analysis: Oklahoma State vs. Texas (2020)

As a refresher, the WTD (or “What the Dickens”) Analysis is designed to evaluate individual player execution on a positive-negative scale (-1 to +1 by one-tenth intervals). (Note: Players can record a positive WTD score on negative plays, and vice versa.)

Time Stamp (Video)Player ActionPlay ResultWTD Score
0:01Moved DT toward block; moved forward to block LB2 yard run+0.7
0:11Stymied initial rush by DE, shoving him into DT; ran right w/QB to block incoming DB (pass thrown before block)28 yard reception+1
0:23Pushed DE sideways, then backwards; no pressure on right side; clean pocketIncomplete pass+1
0:31Quickly pushed DE to RG block, pancaked LB as lead block6 yard run+1
0:38Kept DE outside/away from QB5 yard reception+0.6
0:45Stopped, turned/ran right, blocked and discarded LB like a child shoves their sibling19 yard run+0.4
0:55Stopped DE dead in tracks11 yard TD reception+0.7
1:15Kept DE outside/away from QBIncomplete pass+0.5
1:252x-teamed DT, goes to lead block bit out of position; kinda whiffsFumble lost (not his fault)-0.5
1:34Leaked into 2nd level, blocks LB2 yard run+0.3
1:432x-teamed DT, made contact with RB checking DE; didn’t get chance for block on DEIncomplete pass0
1:492x-teamed DE initially, grabbed inside jersey (possible holding penalty)Incomplete pass-0.2
1:57Stopped DE dead in tracks, grabbed inside jersey (possible holding penalty)14 yard reception-0.2
2:05Moved too far to left, out of position in 2nd level; didn’t block anyone-1 yard run-0.5
2:11Stopped DE dead in tracks initially; had to let go when QB scrambled (holding otherwise)Sack+0.4
2:20Stood up DESack+0.3
2:26Pushed DT out of RB’s path3 yard run+0.5
2:33Stood up DE initially; DE shed block-3 yard run0
3:03Stood up DE; chopped arms away, grabbed outside shoulder briefly (possible penalty)25 yard reception+0.2
3:11Manhandled DE5 yard TD reception+0.6
3:31DT bull rushed, pressured QB10 yard reception-0.5
3:42Decent block on DE initially, DE shed block1 yard run+0.1
3:49Couldn’t get good block on DEInterception-0.3
4:02Brief 2x-team on DT, blocked LB3 yard run+0.2
4:08Stood ground as DE pushed into backfield14 yard reception+0.2
4:20Pushed DE away from play; had complete leverage on block13 yard run+0.7
4:34Stood ground vs. DE, swatted hands away multiple times3 yard reception+0.7
4:41Stood up DE7 yard reception+0.5
4:48Stood ground/neutralized DE35 yard run+0.6
5:12Stood ground vs. DT5 yard TD reception+0.2
5:19Stood ground vs. DE28 yard reception+0.2
5:33Moved DE out of RB’s way6 yard run+0.3
5:39Leaked into 2nd level, off-balance block stopped LB momentarily6 yard run0
5:46Drove DE all the way back, out of bounds; then drove him in the ground-1 yard run+0.8
5:55Threw DE off line, body checked him on 2nd effort2 yard run+0.9
6:02DE beat him around edgeIncomplete pass (defensive holding)-1
6:29Pulled left, knocked socks off DE on 2x-team block9 yard run+0.8
6:41Meh block on DE2 yard run0
6:47Got caught in DE/DT switch, both got pressure; knocked DE into next Tuesday on QB scramble (probably illegal blindside block)8 yard run-0.1
6:59Leaked into 2nd level, decent block3 yard run+0.3
7:042x-teamed DT-1 yard run+0.1
7:11Stood up/ran through DE to block LB3 yard run+0.4
7:18Stopped DE in tracks, chopped arms awayIncomplete pass+0.5
7:37Stopped DE initially, couldn’t keep pace on scramble41 yard reception+0.1
8:01DE beat him upfield, had to grab arm to keep off QBSack-0.6
8:07Kept feet under him through backpedal; maintained good blockIncomplete pass+0.3
8:16Pushed DE to RG, handled switch well; stood ground vs. DTFumble lost+0.4
8:39Grabbed and held LB (not called)-2 yard run-0.5
8:54Maintained good block on DE3 yard run+0.3
9:06Solid 2x-team block on DT19 yard reception+0.3
9:15Pushed blitzing LB away on edgeIncomplete pass+0.5
9:20Maintained block on DE, even with hands in his face13 yard reception+0.6
9:37Took DE down almost immediately6 yard reception+0.6
9:48Solid 2x-team block on DE7 yard run+0.5
9:57Decent 2x-team block on DT-2 yard run+0.2
10:05Quick push on DE, 2x-teamed DT18 yard reception+0.3
10:122x-teamed DT, blocked LB1 yard run+0.5
10:24Jammed DE with right shoulder initially9 yard TD reception+0.1
10:38Pushed DE backwards on block1 yard run+0.2
10:45Too aggressive on LB block attempt; fell down/whiffed2 yard run-0.7
10:50Kept DE in check3 yard run+0.4
10:57Kept DE in check; chopped hands awayIncomplete pass (defensive PI)+0.4
11:082x-teamed DT13 yard reception+0.1
11:16Got under DE’s arms, kept in checkIncomplete pass+0.5
11:23Kept DE in check; shoved DE after handoff0 yard run+0.2
11:30Stopped DE in tracksIncomplete pass+0.5
11:37Decent block on DEIncomplete pass+0.2
11:45Initial 2x-team block on DE; pushed DE back solo5 yard run+0.3
11:512x-team on DT5 yard run+0.1
11:57Stood DE up on block0 yard run+0.3
12:05Solid lead block on DE3 yard run+0.4
12:11Handled DE/DT switch well; stood groundIncomplete pass (defensive holding)+0.5
12:26Initial 2x-team, whiffed on LB block5 yard run0
12:32Initial 2x-team, failed on DE block11 yard reception-0.3
12:41Took DE down almost immediately13 yard reception+0.7
12:48Leaked into 2nd level, but didn’t really blockFumble lost (not his fault)-0.2
13:01Solid block on DE5 yard reception+0.5
13:07Solid initial block, had to let go (holding otherwise)Incomplete pass+0.3
13:162x-teamed DT5 yard reception+0.3
13:23Solid block on DE; didn’t backpedal too far7 yard reception+0.7
13:30Initially solid block, but grabbed shoulder pad (should’ve been holding)20 yard reception-0.5
13:42Did well to stay in way of DE; almost perfectly mimicked movement28 yard reception+0.7
13:53Used leverage to push DE into RG7 yard reception+0.4
13:59Blocked DE into LB; 2 blitzers, 1 blocker1 yard run+1
14:18Grabbed DE’s arm; not much of block11 yard run-0.2
14:26Leaked too far into 2nd level on RPO; negated TD14 yard TD reception (ineligible man downfield)-1
15:04Solid block; knocked DE to the ground1 yard run+0.9
15:14Stopped DE dead in tracks4 yard run+0.7
15:21Kept DE on outside; threw him to the ground2 yard run+0.9
15:32Whiffed on DE block; led to sackSack (End of Game)-1

Jenkins’ performance this season against Texas is an accurate reflection of his overall play. He has a (net) positive impact on the offense, with the occasional mistake/penalty.

SPY 4: WHEN should he be drafted?

The general consensus among experts is that Jenkins will go somewhere in the late first round. Charley Casserly ( recently mocked him to the Colts at 21, while Joe Marino (The Draft Network) has him going to the Jaguars at 25. Kyle Crabbs (TDN) and Daniel Jeremiah ( put him 29th to the Packers. Meanwhile, Mel Kiper Jr. (ESPN), Chad Reuter (, and Zach Vaughn (Buffalo Fanatics) mock him to the Bills at 30.

SPY 5: WHY Jenkins is a fit for Buffalo’s offense?

With Dion “Schnowman” Dawkins firmly entrenched as the Bills left tackle, it could be ideal to have Jenkins anchor the right side. Both “-kins” would likely have it all covered. Jenkins presents balance in his game, as a run blocker and pass protector, and the Bills need such a skillset. It has also been noted by both teammates and coaches at OSU that Jenkins has a different gear for gameday and becomes a vocal leader when it’s needed the most. Thriving under stress and adversity are one of the main core concepts of “The Process”.  Therefore, Jenkins should fit the locker room like a glove.


  • According to Jordan Reid of The Draft Network, Jenkins would be the first Oklahoma State offensive lineman selected in the first round since Russell Okung in 2010.
  • He made the academic honor roll all four years in high school.

In closing, please follow The Buffalo Fanatics on all platforms, trust the process and go Bills.

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