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The Buffalo Bills Should Look into Free Agent Wide Receiver Michael Crabtree

The Buffalo Bills have run about 65% 11 personnel this season according to That means 65% of the time the Bills are lining up with three wide receivers. After John Brown and Cole Beasley, the receiving statistics are quite awful. Even Beasley isn’t even over 500 yards yet. Duke Williams, Isaiah McKenzie, Andre Roberts, and Robert Foster have combined for only 24 catches and 255 yards this season.



The Bills are running out three receivers 65% of the time. Their 3-6 receivers on the depth chart haven’t even combined for 25 catches. That means 65% of the time the Bills have a receiver on the field that is doing almost nothing at all. So either Brian Daboll needs to cut down on 11 personnel and move towards another package or find some receiving help somehow. With the trade deadline gone, the options are limited. Look no further than free agent Michael Crabtree, who surprisingly might be able to bring something to the table. He might very well be the best option in free agency for wider receivers.

Why Michael Crabtree Isn’t as Bad an Option as you Might Think

Yes, he is a free agent which means nobody is interested in him. However, Sean McDermott and Brandon Beane seem to love their veterans and Crabtree has ten years NFL experience on his resume. He has had two 1000 yard seasons and consistently finishes with 600 yards and 50+ catches a season. Half of his seasons he has had over five touchdowns with four of them being 8+ touchdown seasons.

Crabtree brings ten years of experience, plenty of playoff experience, and Super Bowl experience as well. He’s a vet who was never elite but has always been a consistent producer in the NFL. He can link up with his former Baltimore Ravens teammate from last season John Brown and immediately start on the outside in three-receiver sets.

After being signed and let go by the Arizona Cardinals, it shows he still wants to be in the game. His age at 32 doesn’t matter at all. The Buffalo Bills desperately need something else on the outside and he could, at the very least, be a safe, consistent option for Josh Allen. He isn’t going to be amazing or special in any way, but it is very unlikely he can be any worse than the Bills 3-6 receivers right now. He brings ten seasons of legitimate NFL production and leadership at a cheap cost who can probably start on the outside. It’s worth taking a chance on a cheap veteran who can produce. It’s better to take a chance than to continue rolling out unproductive, untalented receivers at the #3 wide receiver position. He can’t be much worse than what the Bills have right now and can bring some decent assets into the offense.

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