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The Buffalo Bills Outsider: Misery Loves Company



Happy Monday, Bills fans. With Buffalo set to play San Francisco on Monday Night Football in the desert tonight, I don’t have my usual new Bills perspective. I’ll still talk about the Bills a little bit today, but there is another issue that needs this Outisder’s attention first. It may not be Bills news, but it does concern an AFC East team that claims to play in the same state as the Buffalo Bills. Yes, I’m talking about the geography-challenged New York Jets. 

At approximately 4 pm EST yesterday, disaster nearly struck. The Jets scored the go-ahead TD with about five minutes remaining in their game against the Raiders. They had erased an 11 point fourth-quarter deficit, and their march towards that historic 0-16 season was in serious jeopardy. As a Lions fan, I know the feeling of an 0-16 season. It’s pure misery and embarrassment. And who wants to be miserable alone? Well, not us Lions fans, I can tell you that. When Cleveland joined the 0-16 club in 2017, it was one of the great days in the lives of Lions fans. It was right up there with Barry’s 2,000-yard season, our lone Super Bowl-era playoff win in 1991, and Jim Schwartz chasing Jim Harbaugh across the field. 

When the Raiders turned the ball over on downs with under two minutes left, it appeared the dream was over. The Raiders forced a punt, but with no timeouts and the ball resting harmlessly on the Jets’ 46 yards line, it seemed hopeless. As I stared at my TV, I hung my head and said the situation was impossible. Gregg Williams said, “Hold my beer.” 

What happened next took my breath away. A man you all have such deep affection for called one of the most hilariously bad and shockingly inept last minute defenses humanly possible. It was the football equivalent of pulling your goalie. The genius that devised Bounty Gate looked at the situation and called for an all out blitz Cover-0 defense. The result was comically predictable. 

In real time, it looked like a stupid play call. Then I started to look into it further and realized stupid hardly does this play call justice. I’m not sure we have words in the English language that capture the breadth and depth of the idiocy here. 

Many pundits were talking about Williams’ decision to rush eight, but this is incorrect. Watch the video again, and you’ll see the Jets actually rush seven with a spy. Smart move. You always want to protect against the 46-yard Hail Mary QB run. If that wasn’t enough, Williams looked at undrafted rookie CB, Lamar Jackson, and told him to go cover Henry Ruggs III one-on-one. Yes, the same Henry Ruggs III that blazed a 4.27 forty at the NFL combine. Ruggs knew he could blow right by Jackson but decided it would be more fun to put a double move on him instead. At the 31-yard line, Ruggs gives Jackson a stop-and-go move that he bites hard on, and Ruggs effortlessly dusts him. 

The march to 0-16 continues on, and I couldn’t be happier. Gregg Williams is no longer the defensive coordinator of the Jets. You know you suck at your job when Adam Gase decides you aren’t capable enough to be on his staff. 

Three Unbiased Opinions

1) Week 17 will decide the AFC East

Now for some Bills thoughts. It doesn’t appear the Miami Dolphins are going away anytime soon. If the Bills lose to San Francisco, it gets really interesting. If the Bills can find a way to beat the Niners on Monday Night Football and then hand the Steelers their first loss next week, then maybe they clinch the division before Week 17. For now, it looks like this one is coming down to a final week showdown for the AFC crown.

2) The Bills defense gets it rolling in the final weeks

The defense against the Chargers was a major improvement, specifically against the run. With Matt Milano healthy again soon, the Bills defense should be ready to return to form. When the dust settles, I believe the Bills will win the division and win a playoff game for the first time in decades. I expect the offense to continue to score points, but if they make a run like I expect them to, it will be because of the defense.

3) Gabriel Davis is a future star

Before the season, I wrote a piece on Gabriel Davis, and I compared him to a Detroit Lions receiver: Kenny Golladay. I’ve watched Golladay grow from a big, fast mid-round pick into one of the top 10 receivers in the league. Davis and Golladay have freakishly similar measurables and took similar routes to the NFL. Davis has shown flashes this season of his major talent, and I think we’ll see more of it before this season is done. Mark my words. Within a few years, Davis will be a 1,000-yard receiver, and he and Diggs should form one of the most dynamic WR duos in the league. 

One Last Thing…

In case you missed it, the Detroit Lions won their first game without Matt Patricia (also known as “Patriciass”) as head coach. Earlier this year, Patricia set a record by losing six straight games in which his team held a double-digit lead. It’s only fitting that as soon as he was fired, the Lions had their first double-digit comeback win since 2014. The future’s looking brighter, but we still need a head coach for 2021. I hear Gregg Williams is available.