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The Buffalo Bills Outsider: It’s Time to Start Thinking Super Bowl



Okay, I’m just going to say it. The Bills aren’t just a good team; they’re a team with all the necessary components to win a Super Bowl. I’m not talking about next year. I’m talking about this season, right now, right here. Last night, they checked another box with their first sweep of the Patriots since Doug Flutie was leading the team. For the fourth consecutive week, the Bills dominated an opponent in a nationally televised game. Sure, they beat the Patriots earlier this season but it’s been a long time since they’ve pantsed New England in Foxboro like that. 

Starting next week, I’ll be gearing up for another top 10 draft slot for my Detroit Lions. I’ll be scouring the internet for every mock draft I can get my hands on, hoping that next superstar player will fall into the Lions’ laps. As a Lions fan, the NFL Draft is my Super Bowl. For Bills fans, you could actually make, and win, the Super Bowl. 

A playoff win would be nice. But as the calendar flips to 2021 in just three short days, allow yourself to dream. Forget weight loss goals, getting a raise, or spending more time with your family. Your New Year’s Resolution for 2021 needs to be winning the Lombardi trophy.

Three Unbiased Opinions

1) The Bills are the Best Team in the NFL

I know the Chiefs are 14-1 and the defending champions. I know they have a superstar QB who wears a headband and puts ketchup on his steak. Listen, the Chiefs are great, and it won’t be a surprise to see them win a second consecutive Super Bowl. But the Chiefs haven’t been dominating. They were outplayed by the lowly Atlanta Falcons on Sunday in a game they should have lost. They haven’t won a game by more than six points since a Week 8 beat down of the Jets. It’s possible they flip a switch in the playoffs and start blowing people out of the water. But this isn’t a small sample size. We’re talking about half the season now that they’ve spent letting teams hang around and not putting teams away when they’ve had the chance. 

In contrast, the Bills are surging. Every week they look better. They’ve won 8 of their last 9 games with the only loss being the Hail Murray game. They’re one miracle play away from being 13-2 and on a nine-game winning streak. The last six wins have all been by double digits. After struggling earlier in the season to put teams away in the second half, the Bills are now delivering a steady diet of dong punches after halftime. Josh Allen somehow finds a way to get better each week. The running game is coming on. The defense is surging. Andre Roberts is the best kick returner in the game. Tyler Bass hasn’t missed a field goal since his 61-yard attempt against Seattle six weeks ago. The Bills are a team without a weakness. With the playoffs on the horizon, I’m not afraid to say it: The Buffalo Bills look like the best team in the NFL. 

2) This Team Has the Most Important Championship Quality

We already know the Bills are a good, young, talented team. But that’s not the main reason I’m high on this team’s championship chances. There’s plenty of talented teams out there, but it’s rare to see a team that has the togetherness and brotherhood that I see from the Bills. The most important moment from last night’s beat down of the Patriots happened after the game. Josh Allen and Stefon Diggs were doing a post-game, on-field interview with ESPN, and instead of talking about how big the win was, Diggs and Allen started talking about their friendship. As Allen praised Diggs’ greatness, the WR just shook his head, patted Allen on the chest, and said he was the MVP. A couple of linemen crashed the interview, put their arms around the young superstars and called them both the MVPs. This team plays for each other, genuinely seems to like each other, and no one wants to take the credit. 

Josh Allen’s growth as a leader is impressive. As he fielded questions after the game, he had the poise and calmness you’d expect from Brees, Rodgers, or Brady. The coaches and the players trust him, and more importantly, he’s learned to trust them. Allen is less than a year older than Dwayne Haskins, but the differences in their maturity and leadership are vast. The Bills have the talent to be a playoff team. But they have the brotherhood to win a title. 

3) Don’t Rest Your Stars in Week 17

I’m going against what I said in last week’s Outsider. A week ago, I was in favor of doing everything possible to keep guys healthy going into the playoffs. But after watching this team continue to take its performance to another level, I think you roll out your dudes in Week 17, and treat it like a must win. When your team is on a roll like this, you want to keep that momentum going. Let Josh Allen keep making his push for MVP. Let Stefon Diggs wrap up the receiving title. Kick Tua and the Dolphins out of the playoffs. 

One Last Thought…

During the broadcast last night, Brian Griese mentioned a conversation he had with Bill Belichick during the week. Belichick essentially was calling Josh Allen overrated and not “buying into the craze.” I think he might want to rethink his stance. Let’s not forget, Belichick couldn’t wait to run Tom Brady out of town. Brady is now taking the Bucs into the playoffs while Belichick’s former-MVP QB is out there throwing for 34 yards on Monday Night Football. Bill, maybe you aren’t the best judge of quarterback talent. 

Have a safe and Happy New Year. The next time we see the Bills and Lions in action, it will be 2021. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to get back to reading mock drafts. I wonder what tight end Detroit will take in the top 10 this year?