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The Buffalo Bills Need to Win on Sunday … Then Make an Offer for A.J Green

If the Bills make the Bengals 0-3 this weekend, they should buy low on star receiver, A.J Green.



If the Buffalo Bills knock off the Cincinnati Bengals this week, it makes for a perfect opportunity to buy low on star player A.J Green. It would make the Bengals 0-3 with their new head coach giving Green no reason to rush back from injury. With three losses, the Bengals would not rush Green back and risk re-injury for a losing team. Their new coach might want to get younger and start building for the future.

Bengals are Building a Young Core for the Future

The Bengals already have two young receivers who have broken out at the NFL level. Tyler Boyd broke out last season and is picking up right where he left off this year. Former first-round pick John Ross has appeared to finally break out in his third season. He has gone over 100 yards and a touchdown in back-to-back weeks now.

The Bengals have a new head coach, who through two weeks has made the offense look promising so far. Zac Taylor, if off to an 0-3 start might start looking toward the future and rebuilding the team. Already having two young talented receivers, he could trade the 31-year-old Green for younger assets in the form of draft picks. More draft picks could help the Bengals add on to their quietly talented young core and get younger with his roster. If Green is not going to be in a playoff race, the Bengals can use him to build for their future.

Bills and Bengals Trade History

In 2018 the Bills traded Cordy Glenn to the Bengals and swapped first-round picks. For what it’s worth, Brandon Beane now has a connection to the Bengals general manager because of this trade. So, it might make trading for A.J Green a little easier knowing the two sides have already made a substantial deal in the past.

Why It Makes Sense For the Bills

At age 31 off an injury, there’s no reason Green would cost anything more than a 2nd round pick and maybe a middle pick as well. The Bills now have multiple 5th and 6th round picks to sweeten the deal. Those worried about Green’s injury shouldn’t be. There’s also no reason that with the Bills brand new state-of-the-art strength and conditioning facility that Green can’t rehab back to full health.

A.J Green is one of the truly elite receivers in the NFL and acquiring him would make the Bills offense dangerous. Green still has productive seasons left in the league. He can win at all levels of the field and win 50-50 balls as well. He would draw #1 cornerback coverage opening up the field for John Brown and Cole Beasley even more. Giving Josh Allen a truly elite #1 wide receiver would take his game to another level. Buying low on Green for the right price could turn the Bills offense into a lethal weapon. Having him could be the crucial difference in a playoff race.

He is only under contract for this year, but signing him to a short extension would not be an issue as the Bills are projected over $80 million in cap space next season. If they sign him for 2-3 years, they could have him, Brown, and Beasley under contract for multiple seasons before the team has to pay Josh Allen.

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