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The Buffalo Bills Miracle Season is Over: 10 Things I Think I Think



Good morning, Bills Mafia. I know how you’re feeling. Let it go … let it go!

Yesterday, our boys were beaten by a better team. There’s not much more to add than that. There was no one person or position group who is to blame for how we lost. The Chiefs beat us like the Pats beat the Colts in the early 2000s. They blanketed out receivers, blew up our offensive line, and outran us at every turn down the field.

The Chiefs are a better version of the Bills, and if there is one thing I would say about our team, it is that we need to get tougher: physically and emotionally.

But let’s not focus solely on the bad. This was a magical season, and if I would have asked most any of you before the season if you’d be happy if the Bills got to the championship game, most of you would have said, “Oh, absolutely!”

Allen improved so much this season. We saw the rise of our team with the addition of Diggs, and all of the process guys continued make their mark all year as we played one of the toughest schedules in the NFL. We swept the AFC East. We had two home playoff games, and we got the playoff monkey off our backs with our win over the Colts. We beat up a Ravens team that no one wanted to face. We, as a community, raised millions of dollars for great causes. (I am most proud of Bills Mafia for this.)

Last night, I saw a lot of sadness and disappointment … reasonably so. “No silver linings,” I heard. But there are silver linings. Mahomes and Reid lost their first AFC Championship game together. These things take time, and there is a lot to be encouraged about, but there is also a lot of work to be done.

Remember this … after Scott Norwood missed that famous field goal in the Bills first Super Bowl, Bills Mafia didn’t call for his head. They didn’t demand he be cut immediately or that Marv Levy needs to clean house. No, Bills fans showed up to celebrate their boys and supported Norwood and the Bills after the loss and brought Norwood to tears with their passion and love.

We supported our boys through the bad times. Let’s be sure to support them in the good and show them the love they deserve because … they’re our guys.

With that said, here are 10 Things I Think I Think

1. Apparently, taking a swing in an NFL game doesn’t get you a penalty.

This really set the tone of the game for me. When Chris Jones threw a punch at Jon Feliciano after a play, the refs did nothing. There was no penalty. There was no ejection, and the Chiefs were allowed to play bully-ball all night. On that note …

2. For the Bills, Feliciano and Dawkins get my game ball.

Was this the Bills best blocking game all season? Hell, no. The offensive line was wrecked all game, but when Allen was getting knocked around and thrown to the ground, and the refs seemed to do nothing about it, Feliciano and Dawkins came in and kicked some ass. Okafor got blasted by Feliciano, and Dawkins threw him down again. You want that from your big uglies. And it was nice to see Dawkins say, as they sorted out the penalty, “I’d do it again!” Remember that next season, Bills. Remember that.

3. Cole Beasley is a tough little dude.

Man, I don’t think we saw a more gutsy performance this weekend than that by Cole Beasley. He was obviously in pain all game, having to go in and out at times limping. But he finished with 88 yards on seven catches, leading Bills receivers. I like his guts and gusto, and he’s a guy we need to keep around.

4. Dawson Knox played so much better down the stretch.

Knox has been a question mark for Bills fans much of the season, but he finished the season strong. He finished the game with six receptions for 42 yards and a TD, and though his hands are still a liability, he is becoming a more trusted weapon for Josh. Nice year, kid!

5. Jordan Poyer had the hit of the night.

I don’t know about you all, but I could feel the residual concussive force of Poyer’s hit on the Chiefs’ running back through my TV. Poyer is wildly underrated in the NFL, and he played with as much toughness as anyone on this team.

6. The dynamic duo of Milano and Edmunds were … not so dynamic.

All night, Milano and Edmunds seemed fooled by the motions, the eyes, and the speed of this KC offense. Both finished the game with seven tackles, and, to be fair, they did a great job against the run, but their area of the field was targeted all game. Does this make them awful? No. But they had a bad game. I still think you pay Milano this offseason.

7. The defensive line … needs some help.

Man, the defensive line didn’t seem like they could do anything to stop Mahomes. They’d get their hands on him and he’d slip away like a fart in the wind. They finished with one sack by Jerry Hughes. We need better production from this front four if we want to be back here next season, and tough decisions are going to need to be made.

8. Tyler Bass is a dude.

Man, Tyler Bass (“Tee Bass” as they say) was a bright spot in this game. Yes, he doinked an extra point, but went 4/4 for field goals including two over 50 yard bombs. This kid is a rookie, but I am excited to have him on the team. I look forward to what he will do in the years to come.

9. Josh Allen can’t do it all by himself.

Look, I know we have Stefon Diggs. I know we upgraded our offensive line, and you know what? For most of the year, those additions were enough to get the job done, but yesterday, Josh had nowhere to go with the ball with no time behind that line. Allen didn’t look like the 2018 version of himself; the offensive line looked like the 2018 version of itself. Yes, Allen escaped the pocket too early on some plays, and he tried to extend plays he shouldn’t, but man, our receivers could not get open at all. The throws he did make were all in tight windows. Part of the reason was the coaching …

10. Let’s face facts: McDermott, Daboll, and Frazier were just plain outcoached on Sunday.

McDermott was the apprentice facing his master on Sunday. And he learned a humbling lesson. Reid outsmarted him at every turn, and coach is going to have to look at the tape. He was way too conservative this game, scared. And Daboll … what happened to our master play caller? He did nothing but put Allen and the offense in bad situations and did little to adjust until garbage time. Finally, Frazier’s boys couldn’t hold up against this Chiefs juggernaut offense. But, to be fair, not many can. It was a rough coaching and playing performance all around, but losing is where lessons are learned. Time to get back to the tape.

Quick Thoughts:

  • What a wonderful season, Bills Mafia! The Bills were a bright spot in a dark year, and for that, I am thankful.
  • I’m so proud of my Buffalo Fanatics writing team. They have been killing it all season, and I am regularly impressed with the stellar work they do.
  • So, yesterday was the first time my girlfriend, Candice, had ever seen the Bills lose. I am so thankful I got to share a special season with a special lady. She’s all about the Bills gear. She just ordered two Bills winter caps (or toboggans {what they say in the South}), and I think she might be a real fan. Huzzah for me! I’m a pretty lucky guy.

Thanks for reading! Don’t be down too long, Bills Mafia. Remember what our great leader, Marv Levy, once said: