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The Best Fans are the Buffalo Fanatics



Being a Buffalo Bills fan has its challenges. The fact that the Bills have yet to become consistent contender has its own extreme challenges. What has not been a challenge is finding die-hard fanatical Buffalo Bills fans all over the world. Social media has become a tremendous avenue to grow long lasting relationships with people that hold the same interests as you. Buffalo Fanatics (BF) was created for that very purpose.

Providing a platform for fans to voice their opinions without filters and listen to BF personalities seems to be well received over the years. Having a sports community platform where you get the full spectrum of opinions is extremely healthy for every fanbase. Nothing better than a Buffalo Bills fanbase.

The Buffalo Fanatical fans have voiced their appreciation of the different platforms BF has contributed to. Whether if that’s our Buffalo Fanatics TV channel on YouTube, our huge community on Facebook, our extremely engaging Instagram community, to even our Buffalo Fanatics Podcast, Twitch and Snapchat audience. We are always wanting to expand to attempt to reciprocate the appreciation.

The Buffalo Fanatics blog is just another brand new way for us to provide the same fun and engaging content as all the other platforms we’ve contributed to. I want to personally thank every Buffalo Fanatic who has and will continue to support this tremendous journey in the upcoming years.. To quote the great Bills coach Marv Levy: “Where else would you rather be then right here, RIGHT NOW!!”

Founder/CEO - An extremely passionate Buffalo Bills fan for over 25+ years. Co-Host of the Buffalo Fanatics podcast and main contributor on Buffalo Fanatics TV YouTube channel. I tend to say what many are afraid too. I say what I mean and mean what I say.