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That’s Right… I Intimidated the NFL into Changing the Helmet Rule | Buffalo Bills



It was a Wednesday night in May. I was sitting in my apartment alone watching Patriot Games. Don’t worry, not the NFL team, the movie with Harrison Ford. I’d never seen it before and to be honest, I don’t remember much of it now. I couldn’t even tell you the general plotline. However, that’s not important because I was distracted by a bigger issue. That’s the night I decided to intimidate the NFL.

This was an important issue and someone had to take a stand. The league never saw it coming. I wrote a scathing blog about throwback uniforms and how one ridiculous rule kept teams from using them. As I wrote in that blog, I’ve long thought the NFL was stupid for their one helmet rule. It stops teams from wearing some of the best uniforms in the history of the league. That night, with Patriot Games on in the background, I decided to work to solve the pressing issue that plagues every single one of us… because life is better with throwback uniforms.

I put everything I had into that blog. (Note: “everything I had” refers to an hour/an hour and a half’s worth of typing on a keyboard.) I did my best to convince the NFL that it was the right decision. While it was just my first blog for Buffalo Fanatics, the article would soon be read by everyone inside the NFL, including Roger Goodell. To this day there hasn’t been a single NFL employee who told me they didn’t read it. I’m sure they were just nervous to admit I influenced their decisions and kept it to themselves.

I called the NFL decision makers everything from “cowards” to “loser weenies” and maybe even a few other things. I made great points in that blog. Many people on both sides of the argument were saying that. To top it all off, just in case the very compelling blog wasn’t intimidating enough, I decided I needed one more line. An ultimatum of sorts. Ya know, just in case.

“Change the stupid helmet rule and give us back our throwback uniforms … or else!”

Intimidating, I know.

Whether it was all the compelling points I made, the name-calling, or the intimidation factor of that last sentence doesn’t matter. As a result of my piece, not even two full months later, the NFL made a decision on its future. The right decision. According to Pro Football Talk, the NFL decided that teams can begin to use a second alternate helmet starting in 2022. Because of this change, as I stated in the previous blog, teams can wear alternate uniforms that fans used to know and still love.

This is a huge win for fans. Imagine watching the Bucs in their creamsicle uniforms or the old Houston Oilers uniforms. And, of course, you can’t forget about the 2000s Buffalo Bills uniforms… Okay, I’m kidding. The Buffalo Bills ’90s uniforms with the Red helmet are what a lot of fans want. Those are just a few throwback uniforms that we’re now only one season away from potentially seeing on the field again. I’m biased here, but I think getting those long-requested throwbacks back will be better than when the NFL introduced the color rush. And if you’re not excited about that, you might be a wet blanket.

It may not seem like much but I know that this is a chain reaction that I started. Is that a little full of myself? You’re probably thinking “Yes Kyle, that’s extremely full of yourself” … Well, I think you’re wrong. You didn’t write that scathing blog so you don’t know what it’s like to intimidate the biggest, most powerful sports league in the country. I can only hope that someday you get to know the feeling. It feels great to make a positive impact in this world. 

Now, do you HAVE to thank me for this? No, of course, you don’t. I’m not egotistical, so I wouldn’t require that. But it sure would be nice if credit was given where credit is due. So, you’re welcome for all the future throwbacks NFL fans… from me, the guy who definitely intimidated the NFL into changing their helmet rule with a single blog. And if you don’t want to thank me, I hope you’re at least looking forward to all the throwbacks we’ll see in the 2022 season just like I am.