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Thank You Kyle Williams

One last thank you to Kyle Williams on behalf of his retirement from the NFL



The best fans in the world give their unconditional support for their team but also for their favorite players. Anybody that brings success to Buffalo is immersed in love for what they do in football and/or in the community. Buffalo is a blue collar city full of the most passionate and caring individuals. Few players in the history of the franchise represent the city of Buffalo better than Kyle Williams.

Playing Career

In 2006 at the NFL Draft, the 5th round came around and the Buffalo Bills were on the clock. They selected defensive tackle Kyle Williams out of Louisiana State University. Little did Buffalo know they had just selected one of the best players and men that would ever wear a Bills uniform.

In 13 seasons Williams only played in less than 14 games twice and played in all 16 games 7 times. He was a mainstay at defensive tackle for all 13 seasons he played. This makes him one of the most reliable players the franchise has seen. His 48.5 sacks are the most by a defensive tackle in franchise history. His 183 games are the most for a defensive tackle in franchise history also. He is top 10 in solo tackles, second in assisted tackles and first in tackles for loss all according to Pro-Football-Reference. He made it to six pro bowls in his long career. In addition, he was a leader, role model and inspiration to other players. Throughout all of his years, he has endured 7 different head coaches and 5 different General Managers. In 13 years he made just one playoff appearance. But, through the playoff drought and the instability of the coaches and front office, Kyle Williams has been the one constant through it all.

Personal Life

According to Kyle Williams himself, Buffalo is the only city he has ever lived in other than his birthplace of Louisiana. Having a wife and five children, Kyle Williams retired to be with his family. Williams has shown the media time and time again that he is a family man. Whether it be bringing his children around practices and games or other things, Kyle Williams is committed heavily to his family. “I’ve watched too many T-Ball and soccer games over Facetime” said Williams in his retirement press conference.

In his free time in Buffalo, Williams constantly gave back to the community. He donated to charities, supported charities, and always found time to visit sick children in the hospital. His commitment to the city of Buffalo is only one reason he is so loved.


 Kyle Williams is statistically one of the best players to ever play for the Bills. He is also one of the best men to ever be a Buffalo Bill. Williams has been a mainstay through so many hardships in this city but has always shown love for Buffalo. He represents everything Buffalo is about.

Kyle Williams is the best this city has to offer. Watching him breakdown into tears following his first ever playoff birth is a moment that probably moved most Bills fans to tears as well. Seeing him get his rushing touchdown in the playoff clinching game and a nine yard catch in his final game are unforgettable moments. Only in Buffalo would the stadium sell out in a 5-10 season at the time just because it was Williams’s last home game. Nobody wants him to retire but it is what he has to do for the best interest of his family. The city cannot thank Kyle Williams enough for all he has done on and off the field. He represents the best of what Buffalo has to offer. A true and sincere thank you to #95 Kyle Williams for everything you have done for Buffalo from every Bills fan around the world. Enjoy your retirement.

Born and raised in Buffalo, as a Bills Mafia member since the day I was born here. Passion and love for football and football analysis