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Super Smart Football: Week 2 Edition



Week one has come and gone. It did not go as many Bills fans had hoped, as Buffalo lost to the Pittsburgh Steelers 23-16. But a lot of things did not go as planned. Aaron Rodgers played worse than a robot arm that just spikes footballs into the dirt every play. Jameis Winston went, as the kids like to say, “off”. Tyrod Taylor started at quarterback for a team and was not bad. The Browns looked good against the Chiefs until losing the lead, and eventually the game, at the end. (Okay, that last one isn’t very surprising.) Anyways, let us reflect on week one and ponder what week two has in store for us in another edition of “Super Smart Football”.

The Bills’ offensive line gets their poor play out of the way early.

Look, every team has bad games. The Jets have A LOT every season. Part of the anxiety of being a football fan is wondering when those games are going to happen. Luckily, us Bills fans do not have to worry about that anymore as the offensive line got their shitty game out of the way early. Dion Dawkins got a lot of holding penalties against the Steelers. In fact, I think the referees are STILL throwing flags against him as I’m writing this.

According to the internet, Dawkins had six penalties called on him in 2020. After his performance against the Steelers. That means he will only make a couple more over the next seventeen weeks, which averages out to just .1875 per game. Not bad. The Bills’ O-line also gave up a lot of pressures during the game. Again, we can definitely expect them to be just fine against the Bucs’ and Chiefs’ front seven. It should absolutely not be a problem.

What will Bills fans say about Tua this week?

Tua has been a bit divisive since entering the league. He’s been knocked for not being able to close out games, leading to Brian Flores’ controversial decisions to bring in Fitzpatrick last season as a reliever. He has also been made fun of for his non-threatening play style, which relies on short passes and the defense allowing very few points. I wonder if Bills fans will come up with something new this week. Will we continue with the greatest hits? Or maybe we’ll find out that Tua has baby feet and wears big shoes to look bigger. It will be an interesting situation to watch.

Will the Bills continue their dominance over the Dolphins?

It’s no secret that since Josh Allen’s first game against the Dolphins, he has been pretty dominant against them; even after Adam Gase stopped being their coach. I don’t know if our confidence should be as high after that loss to Pittsburgh. It was humbling and the Dolphins are another team with a great defense. Tua has weapons and he’s not an old, hairy, one-pump chump that Roethlisberger probably is. Oops, my cat walked across my keyboard and accidentally typed those mean things. BAD KITTY!

Anyway, let’s all hope that the Bills offense can get back on track and keep our aspirations alive as they travel to Josh’s second home at Hard Rock Stadium this Sunday. Kickoff is at 1pm Eastern. As always, I’ll be rooting from Cali with a beer in my hand. I have to go get a cat now. Stay Classy Bills Mafia, and go Bills!

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