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Super Bowl LVI Bets



The Super Bowl is here and the Rams are four point favorites. The Rams have a better team overall. Their defensive line should have a great day against the Bengals’ weak offensive line. In the secondary, they match up well with the Bengals’ young receiving core. Meanwhile, on the other side of the ball, the Rams receivers have the upper hand. On top of all of that, everyone who gambles knows that the house never loses. This week, a very large percentage of the bets are on the Bengals to either cover the spread or win. From what the numbers look like, the Rams win and cover the spread.

Prop Bets

Coin Toss

Tails never fails. (Even though it has let down us Bills fans before.)

Gatorade Color

Since the Rams will probably win the Super Bowl, Sean McVay will probably be doused in blue Gatorade.

Sack before Touchdown

Considering both defensive lines are good at rushing the passer, there will 100% be a sack before the first TD is scored in this game.

Players to attempt a pass over 2.5

This is just a fun bet and both teams have shown plays where someone other than the QB has thrown the ball. With the Philly Special becoming more popular, I really like this bet.

First Play of the game

Both these teams like to air out the ball, so I see the first play being a pass.

Player Props

Odell Beckham Jr. to score a TD

Just follow the signs: red zone targets + weak secondary = Odell scores a TD.

Tee Higgins anytime TD

Ja’Marr Chase will be getting a lot of attention from the Rams defense. Higgins will need to have a big day and find the end zone to keep this game close.

Ja’Marr Chase under 80.5 receiving yards

Chase is going to see a lot of Jalen Ramsey, who is one of the best cornerbacks in the NFL. I don’t see him having a big day.

Super Bowl MVP

Now this is going to be a bold take. I have Aaron Donald winning Super Bowl MVP. Honestly, I see this game as a defensive, grind it out type of game that favors the Rams. (You may want to consider betting the under on points.) I see Donald having a huge impact on this game, including multiple sacks and tackles for loss. In the end, he will have too big of an impact on the game not to give it to him. Also, he’s +1600 to win and I like those odds.