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Squish the Fish – Buffalo Bills Predictions: Week 8



I think that bye week was much needed for the Buffalo Bills. It was disappointing to finish off with a loss especially after that Chiefs win, but it’s not necessarily a cause for concern.

The Buffalo Bills can come out on top again against the Fins.

Previously on Bills vs Dolphins (Week 2, 2021)

No one really needs a recap, right? A 35-0 blowout is not something to easily forget. It’s been six weeks since that game, and this Bills side is already stronger and improved. Its so nice of the Dolphins to offer themselves up as a means to Buffalo getting their momentum back.

Prediction #1: Bills Defense gets back their mojo

The Bills gave up the most points of the season thus far in a bitter loss to the Titans. I don’t believe it’s a reason to run screaming though. They’ve proven themselves as an elite D, and this week they can once again prove it.

They’ll allow less than 17 points. My original assumption was that they’d once again post a donut, but I didn’t want to get ahead of myself.

Prediction #2: Micah Hyde gets yet another turnover

To absolutely no one’s surprise, Micah Hyde has been a force in the Bills secondary. He has three consecutive games with a turnover, the most memorable being the pick-six against Mahomes. What a clutch performance that was to really seal the game.

Whilst maybe not a pick-six this time, Hyde will get another turnover, bringing his season total to four. His performance this week will earn him a player of the week nod. I love this guy.

Prediction #3: Sacks? Bills O-Line Would Never

Unfortunately, I was wrong about the O-Line last week. Being sacked three times is exactly what you would expect of last seasons offensive line. I have more faith in these guys this season. Like everyone else on the team, the O-line had an off game.

So, I am once again making the prediction that Josh Allen will not be sacked. Now you may be thinking, “Holy crap, Trish is completely off her rocker with that prediction”. Well, you’re not wrong, I am. But like I said, I have faith in this Bills O-Line and, after their performance against the Titans, I think they have something to prove. No more sacks.

Prediction #4: Gabriel Davis makes a splash

With an unfortunate hand injury, there’s a Knox shaped hole in the Bills receiving group. A hole that Davis will try and squeeze into. (Please, no sexual innuendos. Be mature.) Davis has shown time and again that he’s a reliable WR so Allen shouldn’t be missing Knox too much.

Davis will get at least one TD this game and rack up over 60 receiving yards. Whilst of course showing off that sideline swagger with those toe drags. Although, it needs to be said that no one has more swag than Tyler Bass.


The Buffalo Bills put up over 30 points in this matchup and win quite comfortably. Exactly the game they needed to welcome them back after the bye.

Much like Marty McFly, Trish Patel (aka Tyler Bass Enthusiast) is a time traveller who stole a sports almanac so as to fool you mortals into believing that she can predict the stats of a game. If you come at her on social media, there is an excellent chance you'll get burnt. They don't call her @savage_trish for nothing.