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Smoke Break: Who Will The Buffalo Bills Draft In Round One?



On the latest episode of Smoke Break, our host, Z-Bot, went over the draft one last time with The Rev. They looked at a trade up possibility, and went over the controversy in the Buffalo Bills fan community about drafting RB Breece Hall in round one. Could selecting him be good for Josh Allen’s longevity in this league? Let’s get into it.

NFL Draft: Trade Up Possibilities (3:17)

Sean McDermott mentioned trading up in this year’s draft in his latest press conference. If the Buffalo Bills choose to leap up the board, where do they go? Who to they get? Georgia DT Jordan Davis is an athletic player with plenty of elite physical traits; a prototypical ‘McBeane’ era prospect. A fitting candidate, he may be the final piece of this defensive line re-build. Could he be the piece we need to turn the team into the uncontested Super Bowl favourites? It would be unexpected, but not unreasonable, as the front office has made significant draft investments in the defensive line over the last few seasons.

Preserving Josh Allen (33:08)

The Buffalo Bills reportedly have a ‘love affair’ with Breece Hall, per Chris Simms. He’s a top-tier running back prospect and perfectly suited for the Buffalo Bills offense, but his benefit doesn’t end there. If we have a true RB1 on this team, who can guarantee those yards you need, you can keep Josh Allen safe. We’re not talking about just a running back, taking snaps away from Allen. You’re drafting a weapon to both help him, and keep him healthy.

Draft Buffalo Bills Round One Breece Hall
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We’re talking about a reliable, productive asset who can prevent our quarterback from putting his body on the line when we need to make a play. This will still be a pass-first team, but the upside to having that outlet is extending the career of one of the NFL’s best players. Josh Allen’s style of play is incredible, but dangerous. Protecting him long-term is the best thing for the franchise. Drafting Breece Hall may solve that.

Z-Bot also touched on some expert picks for #25 (45:47 & 1:02:33) and the quality of our secondary (54:18) and coaching. For that and more, check out the latest episode of Smoke Break on the Buffalo Fanatics YouTube channel.

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