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Should the Buffalo Bills Try and Trade for Tyreek Hill?

If Tyreek Hill becomes available among domestic abuse allegations, should the Bills try and acquire him?



Tyreek Hill

Antonio Brown denied a trade to the Buffalo Bills. Dave Gettleman called Brandon Beane on Odell Beckham Jr. It is becoming clear that Brandon Beane is trying to acquire a top level wide receiver for quarterback Josh Allen. Among recent allegations to go along with others in the past, the Kansas City Chiefs could be shopping Tyreek Hill.

Why Hill Could Be Traded

Hill was recently accused of battery of a juvenile when the Kansas City Star received a police report from the Overland Park Police Department. He has not been charged with anything to this date. This is an ongoing investigation. Accusations have said there was reports of child abuse and child neglect.

In college he was arrested and dismissed from the team for domestic violence and plead guilty in 2015 to domestic assault and battery. He was accused in this case of punching and choking his girlfriend who was pregnant at the time. He served three years of probation and the charges were otherwise dismissed.

Rumors around the NFL have quietly been saying Hill could become available. It is not known to the public if these are true. Hill has reportedly not spoken with head coach Andy Reid yet up to the date of this publication. A team who just dealt with this situation with Kareem Hunt may want to rid the team of these players who have been involved with severe legal issues. This could lead to Hill being traded.

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Should the Bills Make a Move?

Hill is arguably the best deep threat in the NFL. Also, he is overall one of the best receivers in the NFL. 14.6 career yards per reception, all 7 TD’s in 2017 being from 20+ yards, and his elite 2018 season are several reasons why. His 4.25 second 40 yard dash is top tier. He can be a vertical threat, a threat in the running game, and an elite kick/punt returner. Hill has exponentially gotten better each season in the league and is only 25 years old. He appears to have found his perfect match with Patrick Mahomes.

But what about Hill with Josh Allen? Mahomes and Allen have two of the strongest arms in the league, arguably the strongest. Hill could be a perfect fit with Allen as well and a combination that is exciting on paper. The Chiefs would most likely ask for a first round pick or early round picks. Or, they could ask for a 2nd/3rd round pick and a defensive player. These are just a few options. There is no doubt he is an elite play-maker. But would Brandon Beane pull the trigger and acquire him based on his legal history? Should he if Hill becomes available?

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