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Should the Buffalo Bills Make a Call for Zach Ertz?

Should the Buffalo Bills target an elite tight end for Josh Allen in Zach Ertz if he’s available?



Through two games, it’s obvious the Buffalo Bills are poised to make an impressive run in 2020. One area they are still lacking in, however, is the tight end position. Dawson Knox’s snap share dropped from 64% in week one to only 36% in week two. Tyler Kroft, known for his blocking, saw his snap share rise from 5% week one to 51% in week two. Knox is losing his snaps already, hasn’t done much to produce on offense despite Josh Allen’s 700+ passing yards, and isn’t know for his blocking skills. Kroft, the veteran, is known more for blocking instead of receiving. There still is a huge need at tight end for the Bills.

Maybe Eagles Ertz isn’t currently available for trade from the Philadelphia Eagles, or maybe they haven’t received offers yet. But Brandon Beane should at least make a phone call and ask on his availability. Ertz is already 29 but is an established veteran with five 800+ yard seasons and one over 1000 yards. In the past five seasons, he has also had 70+ catches.

Ertz is battling the Eagles for a new contract and it is looking like he might not get one. He has a potential opt-out after this year, but his contract goes until 2021. With the emergence of Dallas Goedert, the Eagles may not see a need to pay up for Ertz. They have another rising star at tight end. The Eagles can only save about $5 million if they make a trade. But, they could shed space to start clearing their projected -$65 million in cap space for 2021 and get a draft pick.

Through 2020 already, Goedert has been targeted more than Zach Ertz fantasy, has more receptions, more yards, and almost the same exact amount of snaps. The Eagles might not see a need to pay Ertz when he might not even be their best tight end anymore.

Is Zach Ertz Worth the Price for the Bills?

The Buffalo Bills seem to be doing just fine on offense even without tight end production. They might not even need a player like Zach Ertz Buffalo Bills to succeed. But it is interesting what this offense could become with an elite receiving option at tight end which the Bills have not had in a very long time.

The team would have to pay up for a pretty high draft pick to get him. But, if they get Ertz and make a deep playoff run, even if they had to trade a second-round pick, it would be an extremely late pick in the round anyways. They would also be able to have him for this season and next. Ertz could add an entirely new element never before seen to a Bills offense and give Josh Allen arguably the best weaponry in the NFL. Is a two year rental for an elite receiving tight end worth the price?

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