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Cordarrelle Patterson: A Possible Replacement for Andre Roberts



As many people know, the Buffalo Bills lost Andre Roberts as a result of free agency to the Houston Texans. Roberts was a 5’11″ return specialist and ran a 4.46 forty. There are some players in free agency, like Cordarrelle Patterson, that would be a good potential replacement. Last year, he played for the Bears on kick returns with some contributions to the offense.

Andre Roberts Production

We do lose some production with Roberts leaving, mainly in the return game. As our punt and kick returner last year, he put up 961 yards on 32 returns for an average of 30 yards per return with only one fumble on kick-offs. On punt returns, he put up 286 yards on 29 returns for an average of 9.9 yards per return. He was not used much on offense putting up -3 yards on one carry and 34 yards on 4 catches.

Cordarrelle Patterson’s Versatility

Cordarrelle Patterson is 6’2″ and ran a 4.42 forty. On kick returns last year, he put up similar numbers to Roberts. He posted 1,017 yards on 35 returns for an average of 29.1 yards per return with no fumbles. In addition to being productive in the return game, he played snaps at receiver and also at running back. In the receiving game, he put up 132 yards on 21 catches for an average of 6.28 yards per catch.  As a running back, he posted 232 yards on 64 carries and scored a rushing touchdown. His best play of last year was a 104-yard kick return touchdown against the Vikings at the beginning of the 3rd quarter. (Also, flashed up the peace sign when he was running. I like the flash there.)

How they stack up

Both players have a similar style of play and have similar skill sets.  Both are fast and evasive and make big plays in the return game. The main thing that Patterson brings to the table that Roberts did not is a larger contribution to the offense. He has more receptions, yards, and rushing attempts than Roberts. Also, Patterson is three years younger than Roberts and has only missed one game since 2013.   

Bills Relatability

The Bears struggled to run the ball last year and were forced to pass much more. The Bills ran an air raid offense with Josh Allen. Patterson had some experience in the receiving game last year and in the rest of his career (see table below). The Bills lost a good punt returner in Roberts, but we have players that can pick up that slack, as Patterson lacks experience there.

Here is a side by side of Andre Roberts and Cordarrelle Patterson’s career stats:

NameKick ReturnsKick Return yardsTDs/fumblesReceptionsReceiving yardsRushesRushing yardsTotal TD’s

What do you think, Bills Mafia? Would you want BBB to pick up Patterson?