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Rico Report: The Stefon Diggs Situation and Tyreek Hill To Miami



This Friday, on the Rico Report, Rico was joined by Rev, Kevin Guerard, and Sterling Furrowh. The guys covered a lot of topics, but most notably: the Stefon Diggs situation and Tyreek Hill trade. It’s plenty to unpack, so let’s start at home.

The Stefon Diggs Situation (5:39)

Stefon Diggs Tyreek Hill Buffalo Bills

Despite being one of the league’s best receivers over the past two seasons, Stefon Diggs isn’t paid like it. He’s currently the 21st among NFL wideouts in terms of annual contract value. He’s desperately in need of a raise and extension, but when do we pay him? It’s definitely a matter of when, not if. But the question becomes this: Do we extend him this year or next?

This year would be preferable, because he’s due his money at some point and the market will inevitably get more expensive. Contending for a Super Bowl, the Buffalo Bills can’t get to a point when a holdout interferes with the season. We’ve consistently paid guys before their contracts are up, keeping them here long-term, so why not Stefon Diggs? He’s an elite receiver, and if Buffalo wants to keep him, and keep him affordably (anything less than the highest paid in the league), then they need to act now. Right now, he’s projected to earn around $25M per season, and that would be a deal the Bills should be thrilled to make.

Tyreek Hill Trade: Does It Change Buffalo’s Plans? (28:57)

Tyreek Hill Stefon Diggs Buffalo Bills

Tyreek Hill is officially a Miami Dolphin. But what does he change for the Bills’ offseason plans? Improving at cornerback was already a priority, but it might be even more so right now, especially with Tre’Davious White potentially not returning until Thanksgiving. Do we trust our backups – Dane Jackson and Cam Lewis – to fill in effectively? Miami could easily become a problem for us. They aren’t about to compete for the AFC East, but they can impede us on the road to home-field advantage throughout the playoffs.

Sure, Miami got better this offseason, but not just from the Tyreek Hill trade. In 2021, their offensive line was the worst since they started recording line stats, and they’ve revamped it in a major way. Tua Tagovailoa may not turn it around, but he’s finally getting a fair shake under-centre. Miami could compete for a playoff spot, and are no longer the ‘easy out’ we knew them as.

Cornerback Conundrum (34:49)

Speaking of elite receivers such as Tyreek Hill and Stefon Diggs, the Buffalo Bills need to address the cornerback position sooner, rather than later. The New York Giants seem to be ready to part ways with James Bradberry. Buffalo has a shot at him immediately, considering their familiarity with the Giants’ new head coach and general manager. New York could retain some salary to get Buffalo the CB they need, taking all desperation out of the draft process. We don’t want to draft starters for week one of the season, and having that true veteran option would be a cause of great relief.

That being said, the high-quality coaching in that secondary, drawn from Sean McDermott, Leslie Frazier, and DB coach John Butler can withstand a rough stretch early in the season. If we don’t pick up a true veteran option ahead of the draft, it won’t be cause for panic. But we want that top-ranked passing defense in the NFL again. Our beloved safeties Micah Hyde and Jordan Poyer cover other players weak points, but they have their limits. We need new talent there, now. Ideally on a rookie contract.

To hear about all of this in more detail, and other topics varying from the treatment of Baker Mayfield by the Browns to who the Buffalo Bills might take at 25, check out the latest episode of the Rico Report here.

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