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Rico Report: Stefon Diggs, Jordan Poyer, & More



On the latest episode of The Rico Report, our host broke down all the latest Buffalo Bills news. From Stefon Diggs’ big-time extension to the rumblings coming out of Jordan Poyer’s camp. Let’s get into it.

Stefon Diggs Extension (5:58)

The last few weeks had a lot of us on edge. The NFL’s receptions leader over the last few seasons, Stefon Diggs, was due for a significant pay raise. We weren’t sure how to make it happen, as money was looking tight and his check was set to be massive.

Stefon Diggs Buffalo Bills Jordan Poyer
Jeffrey T. Barnes/AP Photo

Tyreek Hill just scored a record-breaking $30M per year (AAV) deal from the Miami Dolphins, and the market was getting extremely pricy. Now, he’s getting his money, averaging roughly $20M per year (AAV), making him the fourth-highest paid receiver in the NFL. This can only be called a hometown discount, as his projected market value was significantly higher. Upon inking his new deal, Stefon Diggs had the following to say:

“It’s just like, all right, it starts feeling a lot like home. You don’t wanna leave it.”

stefon Diggs on his new extension

Stefon Diggs has said he wants to retire as a Buffalo Bill, and he’s going to get that opportunity. His contract lines up well with the one inked by Josh Allen over the next half-decade, as the pair stays together for the long haul. The move actually frees up a lot of money for use this season, adding a whopping $6.2M in 2022 cap space.

Jordan Poyer Situation (14:18)

Do we have another player deserving of a new contract? Coming off a First-Team All-Pro selection, Jordan Poyer has outplayed his old one. He was paid very well when he was extended in 2020, but the market has changed, as has his value. One could argue that his play has improved too.

Jordan Poyer Buffalo Bills Stefon Diggs
James P. McCoy/Buffalo News

Both Micah Hyde and Jordan Poyer are getting paid a little over $9.5M each. The highest-paid safety in the NFL right now is Jamal Adams at $17.5M AAV, and Adams has outperformed neither of our safeties. Are they worth more, individually, than that? They’ve earned the recognition to get their money.

Now is the time, if you’re Poyer, to go get that new contract. He’s never going to be a hotter commodity than he is right now. Frankly, Jordan Poyer is going to get his money soon, much like Stefon Diggs. What we can’t be sure of is if he’s getting it from the Buffalo Bills or not. The buck (or bucks) has to stop somewhere, and Brandon Beane won’t be happy handing out money forever. We could see a change in either contract or personnel sooner than we think.

The Rest Of The Report

Rico also asks a tough question: If we can only keep one, is it Micah Hyde or Jordan Poyer (38:36)? He gives us the salary cap update we all sorely needed (43:23), and runs a bunch of mock drafts through the BF Network App’s offseason simulator (1:19:47). For all this and more, check out the latest episode of The Rico Report on the Buffalo Fanatics YouTube channel.

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