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Rico Recap: New Stadium, New Lease For The Buffalo Bills



Another episode of The Rico Report has come and gone, and draft season is in full swing. Rico took us through the Buffalo Bills’ new stadium deal, rule changes, and a whole lot more. Let’s start in Orchard Park, where football belongs.

The Buffalo Bills’ New Stadium (2:42)

You heard right Buffalo Bills fans, our beloved team is sticking around for the long haul. We can all rest easy knowing they’re in Buffalo for the next 30 years. The decision, which we’ve been waiting for the last two seasons, is official, and so is the lease. After 20 years of worry, the Buffalo Bills fans finally have an answer.

Buffalo Bills New Stadium

The stadium itself is still something being debated. It could have a lot in common with Tottenham Hotspur Stadium in England, per the owners meeting. Hotspur features excellent amenities, including a rotating turf stored and maintained underground for field conversion, allowing multiple sports to be played effectively on the same field. There are tons of potential new features, but the next one is a big one. We’re expected to have covered seating, but it will still be an open-air stadium. Evidently, the league tried to get the best of both worlds, satisfying both the roof and no-roof crowds.

New Rule Changes (11:51)

In other good news, after years of not addressing the overtime issue, the rules have officially been changed (for the postseason). The decision was nearly unanimous, but the Vikings, Dolphins and Bengals voted against the rule change. The rest of the league moved forward with the motion regardless.

Buffalo Bills Josh Allen Rule Change New Stadium

Now, both teams are guaranteed a possession, before the sudden death rules resume. As stated, this only applies to the postseason, as extending less significant regular-season games isn’t in the league’s interest. If this were in place last season, the Buffalo Bills would have had the ball in Josh Allen’s hands after Kansas City’s go-ahead touchdown in overtime.

The Rest

Other topics included the league’s changes to the Rooney Rule (22:07), and the return of Ryan Bates (23:53) on an excellent contract. Rico also went in on the Buffalo Bills’ needs for the NFL Draft: Cornerback (37:10), Running Back (43:57), and Linebacker (47:12). For all of this and more, check out the latest episode of The Rico Report on the Buffalo Fanatics YouTube channel.

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