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Buffalo Bills

Reid Ferguson: The Highest Paid Long Snapper in Football



Everyone was on pins and needles waiting for the Bills to extend the most accurate thrower of the football on the team. They finally got it done, signing Reid Ferguson to a three-year extension, which will make him the highest-paid Long Snapper in football.

Sal Capaccio was all over it today, hitting on the important stuff:

  • Second longest-tenured Bill,
  • Two-time Team Captain, and
  • 549 special team snaps without a hitch.

Supposedly he counted? That’s why we love you, Sal.

It’s a lose-lose job as a Long Snapper. You get no credit for the consistency but all the blame if the ball sails on you during a cold, windy day in Orchard Park. Bills fans notice Reid on Twitter more than they do on the field, which is only a good thing. Reid Ferguson is a fan favorite, mainly because he sports the #69 (just me who still finds “that guy” funny?), but also because he just exudes the mafia brand. His support for teammates on social channels is contagious. They don’t need to prove it, but it’s nice to see Beane and McDermott continue to compensate for this positive attitude and process-driven behavior.

Reid and his brother Blake, Long Snapper for the Miami Dolphins, recently started a podcast called “After the Snap” that they record once a week. They go beyond football, chopping it up about other sports, doing beer reviews, and occasionally interviewing a fellow long snapper. It’s actually a good listen, and only pads the seemingly indestructible brand and reputation Reid has built. I say that sarcastically, of course. One ball that skips to the holder on a game-winning Tyler Bass kick, and Reid’s reputation in Buffalo comes crumbles like a folding table on game day. No pressure, Reid! Keep up the good work!