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Buffalo Bills

“Prime Time” Buffalo Bills?

It has been a long time since I have written something, and I thought like the Buffalo Bills I would make my comeback to the limelight as well. The time has come where the talk of the AFC East in the NFL does not start with Tom Brady and the New England Patriots. Brady has left the Patriots for the bright lights of Florida. The talk once again comes full circle back to the Buffalo Bills.



For people like me, we remember the glory ’90s where the Jim Kelly led Buffalo Bills were the talk of the AFC for many years. For me, it was the prime years of being a Bills fan. The time has come again. We are once more relevant in the NFL. Back in the ’90s, the Bills were one of the teams often showcased in prime time. Being from Western Canada (Edmonton, Alberta), I enjoyed those days prior to Sunday Ticket, as I got to watch a lot of Buffalo Bills games on prime time. Usually, we were forced to watch teams like the Seattle Seahawks, Denver Broncos, and many other western NFL teams.

Now we come back to the year 2020, a year where there are still questions on how the world will change in the future. How will the pandemic change things? This is a year where there are many questions about the Bills as well. “Can they win the division?” “Is this is their best chance to win the division?” “Is Josh Allen the answer?” Questions galore, but one thing I can tell you about this year is that it’s nice to hear the mass media talking about the Bills. There was a time that I talked about with our Podcaster, Joe Miller, from Buffalo Fanatics about Chris Berman and his prime-time highlights show and how they would show the Bills for like 20-30 seconds and that was it.

The time has come for the fans of the Bills to enjoy the conversation be it bad or good. It’s about time the Bills have become relevant, and they are indeed a team that is on the rise, and the mass media figures are starting to see that. The name “Prime Time” Bills has been talked about in the social media world, and you know what I say to that. For the long-suffering fans of the Bills, enjoy this! It’s great. Let them have it. For the first time since 1996, the Bills will have four prime time games. I say for all the fans, display all your love for the Bills on Twitter, Facebook, and any other social media app that you have. All of the other NFL teams have had their time on social media with fans gloating about their team.

I am a realist when it comes to being a fan. Don’t take it hard; that is just me. That has a lot to do with being a fan of two franchises like the Edmonton Oilers in hockey and the Buffalo Bills. I want to soar with all the other fans, but I want to consistently see winning for a few years. Even with saying that, I still enjoy all the love that the Bills are getting. I have been a fan of the Bills for thirty-two years and will love them till the day I die. So, enjoy all of it how you want to. You have earned it, Bills Mafia.

In the end, what a year it is to be a fan of the Bills. It’s been twenty-four years since they were prime time television relevant. The ageless quarterback Tom Brady finally left the division. They have one of the most promising young quarterbacks in Josh Allen. They have one of the three best defenses in the NFL and a coach and general manager in Sean McDermott and Brendon Beane that seem to understand how to make a foundational team. The time has come, fans. Enjoy it. As we all know, it can be a long time for the cycle to come back our way. We are finally the “Prime Time” Bills once again…Take it and RUN!!!