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Buffalo Bills

Players to Watch vs Football Team

The players to watch this week as the Bills get set to face off against Washington.



The Washington Football team rolls into Buffalo this week, and it will be a good one. It’s going to be a beautiful day in Orchard Park and a great day for football. The Football Team is 1-1 coming off a win on Monday night against the Giants. Some players on the Football Team pose a threat to the Bills this week, but I believe that the Bills have the answers to these players.

Tre White vs Terry McLaurin

The first player to watch this week is Tre White. The main reason is that he will be guarding Terry McLaurin. McLaurin is a very talented wide receiver who has put up very respectable numbers so far this year. He has fifteen catches for 169 yards and a touchdown, a bulk of which came last week. Another item is that the Football Team will be starting Taylor Heinicke.

Since McLaurin is their number one receiver, he will be getting many targets just because of the gameplan with a backup quarterback. Which is to get the ball into your best player’s hands. White will have his hands full but has never had a problem living up to expectations. He is a top-three corner in the NFL and will continue to show that talent off this week. Expect McLaurin to be held under 100 yards and six catches. White will also end up with multiple passes defended, and if Heinicke continues to test him, an interception.

Singletary and the Run game

Another player who is going to play a big part this week is Devin Singletary. The Bills run game looked good last week, and that is something that they will build on. Singletary had a great offseason putting on a good amount of muscle. Even with putting on the muscle, he can still make quick cuts and rack up yards after contact. Singletary kick-started the run game in the previous week with a 46-yard TD to start the game. Expect him to continue to keep the run game going this week.

If the Bills can have a strong running game on top of a good passing game, this is going to be a tough offense to stop. This week, the Bills need to have success in the run game to take some of the heat off of Josh coming from the Football Team’s defensive line. The D-line is without a doubt the strongest part of Washington’s team, and the only way to stop them from speed rushing upfield is to get our run game going and make them stay true to that.

If their defensive line has to worry about the run and can’t focus on just rushing the passer, they are going to have a long day ahead of them. Expect Singletary to lead the team in rushing yards and attempts this week, Moss will continue to get the red zone touches, but Singletary will be the guy to work the Bills up and down the field.