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NFL Throwback Uniforms are the Best and We Need More!



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The NFL is the number one major sports league in America, and for good reason. Games are action-packed with big hits, crazy throws, one-handed catches, and of course, touchdowns. We all love touchdowns. The league also has plenty of superstars like Josh Allen, Patrick Mahomes, George Kittle, Alvin Kamara, and plenty of others. The sport is number one for a reason, and it isn’t slowing down. I’m not here to talk about all the good parts of the NFL, though. I’m here because there’s an aspect of the game I really care about that can be improved: we need more throwback jerseys.

For anyone who isn’t already fully on board, let me explain. They look cool on TV. You know it, I know it, everyone knows it. I’d even venture to bet that many of you are just like me, and when you play Madden, you often switch to the throwback uniforms. So, why won’t the NFL let teams wear throwbacks? Obviously, it’s the same reason you get a penalty flag for celebrating a big play by, just randomly off the top of my head, spinning the ball and flexing on the other team or something…The cowards in charge of the NFL’s rules are a bunch of loser weenies who hate fun. I’m kidding … Sort of. 

I know the league has provided an actual reason, and I’ll get to that later. But for it to be true, the league would have to care about its players above all else. So, I think it’s fair to call that reason at least a little bit BS.

Since I can’t influence the NFL, why am I even writing this? Honestly, it’s just a thought I’ve had for a while, and today felt like as good a time as ever to put it out there. I’ve long held the belief that many of the throwback uniforms in the NFL are better than what teams are currently wearing. Are all of them better? No, definitely not. There’re some duds for sure. But at least when teams wear those it gets people talking on social media. To quote Will Farrell in Blades of Glory, “It gets the people going!” And to be honest, I’ll gladly deal with Green Bay and Pittsburgh’s throwbacks if it means I can also consistently get the Bills AFL Championship uniforms or the Bills’ 90s uniforms or the Eagles’ kelly green uniforms or the Bucs’ creamsicle uniforms and so on. (Yes, that’s a long sentence. Deal with it.) I would have mentioned the Chargers’ powder blues there too, but they were smart and made them part of their normal rotation.

Anyways, back to my point. What’s that expression? Look good, feel good, feel good, play good? Yeah, that’s it. That’s the one. And that’s exactly what wearing the throwback uniforms would do for teams. It’s a statistical fact that when teams wear their throwback uniforms, they play better and score more points. I’m sure of it. I’ve done absolutely no research to back that statement up, but it sure as hell feels true to me. 

The deep balls seem to fly a little bit farther, the speedy players run a little faster, and the big blocks feel even bigger. Everything looks better in the throwback uniforms. They’re classic and timeless. And that’s just during the daytime games. Under the lights? Those throwback uniforms might as well hold superpowers. So, it feels like a no-brainer here. The NFL should let teams wear them whenever they want.

Now, before you go saying things like, “Wow, Kyle, this is such a great idea! We love it!” and, “You’re a genius and should be in charge of these types decisions!”, trust me, I know. I tell myself that all the time. I just need the NFL to let me make this decision for them.

Unfortunately, as I mentioned earlier, there is one problem with teams wearing their throwbacks more: the stupid helmet rule. Currently, teams are only allowed to have one helmet per player due to safety protocols. And yes, player safety is important. I’d hope we can all acknowledge that. But if college teams, like Oregon, can change their helmets weekly, NFL teams must have the ability to provide players with two helmets each as well. But what do I know? Maybe it’s a money thing, and the owners can’t afford to pay for the extra helmets? It’s not like each team is their own billion (+) dollar business or something. Ya know?

Since I mentioned the owners, this wouldn’t just benefit us fans. Based on my research, sources have told me the NFL could make “so much money” selling throwback uniforms if teams wore them more often. (Call me “sources.”) And we know the owners love making money. That means more money for the league and more money for players whose names and numbers people actually want to wear on their back. See? It’s not just for the fans; it’s something that could benefit just about everyone!

The bottom line here…what your team wears on game day matters to the fans, the players, and even the league’s pockets. Coaches brush it off like it doesn’t matter, but anyone who played sports at any level can tell you they had a favorite uniform combination. Players all have a favorite uniform and so do the fans. For me, those uniforms are usually the team’s throwbacks. It’s a simple fix. So please, NFL, just do the right thing. Change the stupid helmet rule and give us our throwback uniforms … or else! 

Definitely not Biased Top 10 NFL Throwback uniforms

*Chargers Powder Blue does not make the list due to being a current uniform combination for the team*

10: Seahawks – 1980s/90s

9: Falcons – 90s uniform

8: Eagles – Kelly Green

7: Broncos – Orange Crush

6: Los Angeles Rams – Royal Rlue

5: Patriots – Red Jersey

4: Titans – Houston Oilers 

3: Bucs – Creamsicles

2: Bills – 1990s Uniforms

1: Bills – AFL Championship

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