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Buffalo Bills

Must Bet Picks of the Week v1.3

Not sure who to put your money on in Week 3? Casey Reed has got you covered in this week’s Must Bet Picks.




Miley once said “everyone has those days” and lord have mercy did we have one of those days on Sunday.

Week one we went 3-1, this last week we went 1-3. Not good folks!! We’ve gotta turn around ASAP.

Buffalo -8.5

This is a Huge spread, which worries me, because Buffalo has been hot and cold on offense all season.

We’ll take it not because of how good Buffalo offense has been this year but how bad Washington’s defense specifically their secondary has been.

If Josh Allen takes a deep deep breath he should bounce back in a big way with this game.

Las Vegas -3.5

I love this bet. Vegas has been playing out of their minds this year. Sure sure it’s only week three but their play has been undeniable.

If Derek Carr is playing, you take this bet. Sure, Miami has a great defense, but like last week with Buffalo, the defense will be on the field way too long if the offense can’t produce.

Speaking of the offense, Brissett makes the dolphins offense a little more scarier but that offensive line is absolutely garbage. Vegas -3.5 is a lock.

Dallas -3.5

Typically I don’t bet on Dallas ever. I don’t trust them, their always a mediocre team barely belonging. However, they have been ballin on offense and on defense.

Defense was the biggest question outside of us Dak healthy, and the defense has stepped up in a big way.

Philly is an interesting team. They seem like a playoff contender on paper, but I think they’ll end with a top 5 pick in the draft. They’ve been struck with the injury bug this year, so I believe that the fast week one start will slowly start to fade.

All this being said it’s the NFC East match up! These games are always extremely close, but Dallas is winning after a struggle in the first half.

Record 4-4

I’m only making three bets this week. I want to get above .500. However, every other gambler I’ve talked to has complained about how wild of a season this has been. Here’s hoping y’all are having a better season than being even!