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Buffalo Bills

Must Bet Picks of the Week v1.4

It’s Week 4 of the NFL season and things are starting to round out. Here is who you should bet your money on.




2-1 this weekend! Buffalo showed out! The Cowboys actually did something and the Raiders let me down slowly to the Dolphins. You know what though? Above .500 for the year! (Record 6-5)

There are so many good spreads out this week to bet on! I wanted to do a couple of easy ones for everybody because we all like free money. Let’s Start with some Thursday Night Football!

Bengals -7.5

Joe Burrow is on fire thanks to his college turned pro team mate. Jamarr “can’t catch” Chase! They’ve hooked up multiple times down field for multiple touchdowns this season.

If the Bengals offensive line plays as they did against the Steelers, they should mop the floor with the Jags in prime time. This game will be an excellent showing for Burrow and company.

On the flip side, you have Trevor Lawerence. I feel sorry for this kid. Yes, you can watch him and tell he’s a good QB, but he’s in Jacksonville, which is an awful situation. He doesn’t stand a chance against this Bengals offense.

Detroit +3

Okay, okay, okay, I hear you. You’re all thinking I’ve gone crazy but hear me out. Detroit is not talented. However, Dam Campbell has them playing with their hair on fire.

They came down to the wire against the Ravens and hung with Green Bay during the first half. I see no reason they can’t hang with a Chicago team who has no idea who they are.

Speaking of Chicago, whose the starting QB this week? It’s been mentioned Nick Foles might start over Andy Dalton and Justin Fields.

No matter whose under center, when it comes to that offensive line expect Detroit to bulldoze them.

Tennessee -7.5

I refuse to write too much about this game just know if you see a team playing the Jets you should probably take that team to cover the spread.

Zach Wilson like Lawerence was put in a situation to fail. His whole offensive line is injuries and the poor guy is trying hard to do something.

Tennessee is going to run away with it. Bet your house.

Tampa Bay -7

Tom is pissed off. He just got whipped up by the Rams in a game where he was the leading rusher. Plus, he’s headed back to Boston like a cliche Robert Frost poem to bring back winter.

Mac Jones will not survive this year if he’s constantly asked to throw for 51 times. Find this man a run game! Or don’t I could careless I’m a buffalo fan let him suffer.

If you’re not taking Tampa Bay by -7 I don’t know what to tell you. This is a lock if I’ve ever seen one. One you should absolutely bet on.

Honorable Mentions

Buffalo -15.5

Sure, if the defense keeps playing like they have and the offense continues to trend upwards, I could see this. Y’all know me though, I can not stand big spreads.

This is a game that I separate from my other parlays. I’ll throw a ten down on it to cover the cost of a six pack then I’ll enjoy the game.

I give it a 30 percent chance of hitting, and because of this I’m out on adding it to my bigger parlays.

Still though Buffalo gets the win and move on to 3-1 on the year.