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Buffalo Bills

Must Bet Picks of the Week v1.1

Holy Smokes! Its finally here week one of the NFL regular season. It’s time for degenerates everywhere to circle the wagons and start




Holy Smokes! Its finally here week one of the NFL regular season. It’s time for degenerates everywhere to circle the wagons and start making those bets! I’ve been so bored all off-season, if you’re anything like me you have an itch to gamble. Hell I even gambled on the Over/Under of the weight of my newborn daughter. 

Other professional sports leagues are fun sure, but there’s nothing like gambling on NFL games. I’m back after a couple of off months to walk you through some of my must bet picks of the week! 


Buffalo -6.5 

I kept watching this line, I expected it to drop around maybe -5.5. It never even moved. Sure you can say I’m a homer and all that but lets look at the facts Jack. 

Steelers offensive line just ain’t it this year, it’s being held together with duct tape. Similar to how Big Ben’s body is around week three. Sure having a stud of a rookie tail back is awesome but not when you’re being hit behind the line of scrimmage every play. (Am I right Buffalo fans?) 

With Buffalo’s revamped defensive line and it being a home game I don’t expect the Steelers to put up much offense at all. Final score being 27-14 Buffalo.

Tom Brady gambling

Buccaneers Money Line 

Wow talk about free money! I see a couple of NFL media folks taking the Cowboys to win the Super Bowl and it has me wondering if Ole Jerry Jones paid them off to get the hype surrounding the team formerly known as “America’s Team” 

Between Tampa’s defensive line and the Cowboy’s atrocious offensive line I don’t see how Dak is gonna play ball. Not to mention Zeke ain’t Zeke from THE Ohio State university anymore. I’m gonna mention Brady super quick then move on if you don’t mind, (Brady is still Brady) 

Bucs win in fashion on Thursday Night Football and the Media starts questioning McCarthy’s job.

Denver Broncos quarterback Teddy Bridgewater smiles while on the sidelines against the Seattle Seahawks during the first half of an NFL football preseason game, Saturday, Aug. 21, 2021, in Seattle. (AP Photo/John Froschauer)

Denver -2.5

Denver had a Quarterback battle in training camp and Teddy Touchdown came out victorious. The Bronco’s don’t have a revamped offense they just finally have a semi healthy one and a quarterback that can get them the ball.

Denver’s defense on the back end is super deep and super talented playing against a Giant’s quarterback that is on his last chance with the staff. I expect Jones to put up a fight if they run zone option for him. If they don’t look for Daniel Jones to throw an interception and for Teddy to control the game down the stretch. 

Matthew Stafford gambling
Aug 28, 2021; Denver, Colorado, USA; Los Angeles Rams quarterback Matthew Stafford (9) warms up before a game against the Denver Broncos at Empower Field at Mile High. Mandatory Credit: C. Morgan Engel-USA TODAY Sports

Rams Money Line 

My goodness am I excited to see Stafford actually play for a good team, also jealous that the Rams get an extra preseason game. Chicago is god awful, they wanna be good and Andy Dalton will always have a special place in my heart but he’s gonna get destroyed by the front seven of LA.

Chicago should be starting some rookie quarterback out of THE Ohio State university but instead the Red Rifle will guide them to a 6-11 season and a top 10 pick in the 2022 NFL draft. 

Feeling frisky after reading all those bets? Just parlay them together and win a TON of money. Also while you’re at it take Josh Allen as the MVP, his odds sit currently at +1200 which is criminal and easy money! Gambling is easy if you just follow along every week with me!