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McBeane: How the Bills Coaches will Scheme to Beat the Bengals

The Bills Coaching Staff has their hands full this week as a high-powered passing attack comes to New Era Field! And what will Brian Daboll do to mitigate Cincinnati’s fearsome front four? But first, let’s recap last week.



McDermott goes conservative in week two win.

Defer. The choice we have all become too accustomed to when Sean wins the toss. As a fan, it’s easy to chalk this up to being conservative vs taking the ball right away and gaining “momentum.” Truth is, momentum doesn’t quite exist and is a trap.

In fact, Bill Belichick defers all the time. In addition to this, the coaching staff also decided to call it at the end of the 1st half with roughly a min left, with a timeout left. McDermott has spoken to certain decisions he makes in-game based on the dynamic of the game and the way he feels. I scoffed at this during his first two years. However, I am starting to see what he means, admittedly.

The Giants had just had a big special teams punt return. We could all feel the “momentum” swinging only for the Giants to turn it over again. How’s that for “Momentums.” For the first time, I agreed with a conservative game situation call. In all honesty, I didn’t want Josh Allen dropping back on his own 35-40 yard line up a few scores as the Bills would be getting the ball back after halftime, so “defer” happened to work out.

As Singletary came up limp on the sidelines, I began to wonder if any of the Patriots starters would have had any of their starters in. Up two scores with less than five minutes left against a putrid Giants offense, I’m willing to bet Belichick would not have his starters in. I’d really like McDermott to think critically when it comes to personnel. Why were our two starting cornerbacks in the game at all against Detroit in the pre-season, let alone the forth and final game? Why is Micah Hyde returning punts? Why not give Barkley and some second teamers some reps late?

Brian Daboll: Taking on the Bengals front four.

Brian Daboll has his hands full this week. Josh Allen did not have fun in his debut last year in pre-season against the Bengals who had their nasty front four in. They have the same group this year, and Daboll had better cook something up fresh that neutralizes that line, as it is much better than the Giants and Jets defensive line.

Daboll was able to expose some matchups against the Giants picking on Janoris Jenkins, who, by all accounts, seemed to be much slower than John “Smokey” Brown. There will be opportunities this weekend against a suspect Bengals secondary. The hope is that Brian Daboll can assist with a quick pass recipe and take some shots deep, as I suspect the Bills will struggle running if Singletary is out. Getting good pass protection against the Bengals will be a priority for Brian Daboll.

Leslie Frazier: Shutting down Cincinnati’s passing game.

Defensively, the Bills will have their biggest test, despite no A.J Green. Leslie Frazier will have to figure out ways to keep John Ross and Tyler Boyd from blowing the game open. I don’t think the Bills Defense has been truly tested this year with speed. They certainly will this week.

Will Tre White be shadowing Ross or Boyd around the field, or will Frazier dial up more of a zone look for the Bengals? Cincinnati’s rushing attack, despite the talent of Joe Mixon, seems to have fallen on its face. If Taylor is able to get that rushing game going, the Bills defense could struggle against a dynamic offense. Look for Frazier to keep Ross and Boyd in front of them, not allowing them to go deep. Hopefully, with the Bengals banged-up offensive line, the Bills front four can cause some pressures and turnovers on Sunday.


Will Daboll be able to cook up pass protection and running lanes against a solid Bengals front four? Will Singletary suit up? If not, will the Bengals focus containing Allen and John Brown? Can Leslie prepare some schemes that don’t expose the Bills lack of speed in the secondary? These are the questions that will be answered in the home opener against the Cincinnati Bengals. Hoping McBeane gives me a W and 3-0 start for my birthday! Going in 3-0 against the Pats would be spicy hot!

Until next time, where we discuss how McDermott and his staff fared this week at this beautiful Sunday home opener. Then we will look forward to the Patriots and see what McBeane can do to limit Tom Brady and his minions.