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Manny’s Fantasy Facts: Week Nine…Bills Revenge Edition

After a week of being away, I got to sit back and watch the Philadelphia Eagles outplay the Buffalo Bills while I was sick in bed. It was a loss, but it hurt. For me, because I was sick, it hurt even more, a lot more than it should have.



Were we pretenders before this game? Are we still pretenders when it comes to where we are in the standings? I say NO. We are going to have a lot of players who are going to come out hungry to prove to the NFL world that this is not a fluke. So I come to you with Fantasy players from the Bills you should have on your lineup because I guarantee a win, a decisive win, against the Washington Redskins.

Josh Allen QB

Josh Allen is one of those quarterbacks that people have fallen in love with. Fantasy-wise he has his moments where he showcases his talent immensely, and we all think he is the savior for our team. Then he has games where we shake our heads and go, “Is he our savior?” I am here to tell you that he is the answer to our long quarterback troubles, but with a raw talent like him, it is going to take him some time to get the kinks out of his system. He puts a lot of pressure on himself as the savior and sometimes tries to do too much, and that is where he needs to just learn from the veterans in the league of just to let it go and take a shot next play.

This week against the Washington Redskins, Allen needs to come a blazing with his throwing and keep the ball safe. He has fumbled seven times and lost three of them this year. The fumbles need to stop, just like the hero ball needed to stop. I think we will see a great game from Allen this week, so start him. I am.

Prediction: PASSING: 23-29 320 YDS 2TD RUSHING: 45 YDS 1TD

Devin Singletary RB

Last week Singletary out-snapped Frank Gore but only got three carries. He still managed to catch a touchdown pass in the loss to the Philadelphia Eagles. I think the last game was a precautionary game for Singletary. I would imagine this is the game where the Bills let him loose and show his full potential before he got injured. Singletary has shown in last week’s game that he has the allusiveness that the Bills need in their offense to make the defense guessing on each play. I expect a bigger role against a team like the Redskins that has struggled all year long. Watch out, ladies and gentlemen. The Motor is about to get going.

Prediction: RECEVING: 65 YDS 1TD RUSHING: 85 YDS 1TD

Ed Oliver, DT

I have noticed the process that coach McDermott states also involves, at times, protecting certain players. I use hockey as an example. Coaches in hockey don’t usually start rookies to the top line right away. They usually play them on a third line with veterans players to protect them from the mistakes they are bound to make. I find the process, even in year three, protects certain players like Josh Allen as we have seen with the play calling. This is true of Devin Singletary as well, but I have seen it with Ed Oliver on defense. This might be the game that they let the reins out a little and have him show his true skills.

In a position like defensive tackle, there is a lot to learn, especially in the run game and how to position yourself well in those plays. Oliver has been in a rotation all year long. I think this is the game Frazier and McDermott let him out of that cage a little and see what he can do to a rookie quarterback because Dwayne Haskins, as a rookie, will make mistakes, mostly in holding the ball too long. You always hear that Oliver might be too small to play the defensive tackle position. I think it is about the understanding of the game that Oliver is working out.

Like Tremaine Edmunds in his rookie year, Oliver is trying to make the game go at his pace and flow. Once he connects to the flow as Edmunds has shown this year, watch out! This game has a rookie quarterback against a rookie defensive tackle. I take the DT any day!


There are many other players on the Bills that will have decent games that you might want to start. Here is a list below of other players on the Bills you might want to think about:

Micah Hyde, S

Jordan Poyer, S

Jerry Hughes, DE

Matt Milano, LB

Tremaine Edmunds, LB

John Brown, WR

Stephen Hauschka, K

Bills Defense

There you have it folks, my week nine start and sits, Buffalo Bills second edition. Reach us on twitter @BuFFanatics and @TheMightyDeol Ask us any Fantasy questions! Although we are a Buffalo Bills page, we all want to win our fantasy leagues. So, every week, I will have some starts and sits for the PPR and the IDP players out there.