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Lynn Bowden Jr. Needs to be a Top Draft Target for the Buffalo Bills

Lynn Bowden Jr. is a lethal weapon on the football field, and his dynamic ability could elevate the Buffalo Bills to a new level.



Lynn Bowden Jr. from Kentucky is everything an NFL team needs and more. Elite speed? Check. Rushing upside? Has it. Receiving prowess? That too. Special teams ability? Another checkmark for Bowden. Oh, and he can play quarterback too.

Bowden Jr. is a special kind of player who can do anything on the football field. His ability to do many different things can be of value to any team that drafts him. His versatility and game-changing dynamic ability can elevate the entire Bills offensive and special teams production to a new level.

Lynn Bowden Jr.- Mind Blowing Talent

First of all, everything Bowden has done is in the South Eastern Conference (SEC), the best conference in college football. Although he didn’t get many snaps as a Freshman, the team still let him return 37 kicks and over 10 rushing attempts as a wide receiver. Getting the ball in a player’s hands in every phase shows how good a player is because the coach is getting the ball in the hands of that player as much as possible. If the coach wants the ball in that player’s hands as much as possible, it probably means he has talent.

As a sophomore, he had a solid season with another nine carries and 30 kick returns. But, this time he had 67 catches for 745 yards as well. In his first two seasons, Bowden showed rushing ability, kick return ability, punt return ability, and showed he was a great wide receiver as well.

2019 for Bowden was a mind-blowing season. He lead the SEC in rushing yards. Not, D’Andre Swift, not Clyde Edwards Helaire, but Lynn Bowden Jr. lead the conference in rushing. Bowden had fewer rushing attempts than both of them as well. He lead his team in receiving yards too. The mind-blowing aspect of this season is that he played most of the season at quarterback. Wide receiver Bowden Jr. lead the SEC in rushing and lead his own team in receiving yards while playing quarterback for over half the season.

How Bowden Jr. Impacts the Bills

A player that can rush, receive, and return kicks with elite speed is a lethal weapon. He can lineup anywhere, get the ball at any time, and fool defenses every game. Jet sweeps, reverses, carries at running back, kick returns, punt, returns, and be the fourth wide receiver are all things Lynn Bowden Jr. can do for the Buffalo Bills team. He instantly gives the Bills a threat in all phases who can change games.

Isaiah McKenzie is hardly a wide receiver at this point only catching 27 passes last year while logging over a 50% snap share. With the addition of Andre Roberts in 2018, McKenzie’s role is even smaller as a backup return man and unproductive wide receiver. McKenzie is at most a gadget player. Roberts is 32, so he is getting older in age, and he offers no receiving production at all. Bowden can save money, eliminate these two on the roster, take over return man duties and offer receiving and rushing production at the same time. The Kentucky man can do all three of these jobs on a rookie contract, at a young age instead of the Bills paying two players to do these jobs. Bowden Jr. would instantly change the Bills by being one of the most dynamic players in the NFL.

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