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Let Me Explain: Tre’Davious White’s Pro Bowl Year

The Buffalo Bills finished 10-6 and have double-digit wins for the first time since 1999. The Bills’ defense was once again elite this past season finishing as the third-ranked defense in the entire NFL. A large part of that has been in part to Tre’Davious White’s spectacular year.



For the first time in his three year career, White is headed to the Pro Bowl.

White finished tied for the league led in interceptions (6) with Stephon Gilmore and Anthony Harris. He didn’t allow a touchdown, had a pass rating when targeted of 44.5, and his completion percentage when targeted was 49.5%.

He was one of the top defensive backs in the entire league this season, and now he finally got the respect he has been so deserving of.

Let’s take a look back at his six interceptions on the year and how he had the best year of his career so far.

Tre Picks Off Dalton 2x

Tre White’s first interception against the Bengals

White’s first interception of the year was against the Cincinnati Bengals where he had his first multi-interception game of the year.

White had man coverage on Bengals receiver Tyler Boyd who was running a “curl” route. White had the pure instinct to be able to stop then get the interception by “jumping” the route.

There was also a slight hesitation from Dalton that allowed White to plant his foot in the ground to push himself forward and jump for the ball.

He could not have played the route any better.

White Picks Off Dalton Again

Tre White’s second interception of Andy Dalton

With the game on the line and the Bengals threatening to score, White makes a huge clutch play to seal the game for Buffalo and make them 3-0 on the season to this point.

Auden Tate is making a deep slant/post route across the middle of the field. Dalton and Tate have a miscommunication on the route, and Dalton threw the ball behind Tate.

Dalton was also under pressure from the defensive linemen. The Bills were in zone, which allowed Tate to be so covered as well.

Safety Micah Hyde tips the ball then White is able to track the ball and come up with a huge interception to end the game.

White Comes Up Clutch Against Miami

Tre White’s interception against Miami

With the Miami Dolphins driving and threatening to go up by two scores, White made a game-saving interception that could have swung momentum fully to Miami.

White is covering WR Isaiah Ford in man coverage. He has no help over the top from an extra DB or safety and he is completely alone on an island with Ford.

Miami runs a play-action pass that does get the Bills to bite as the DB that was supposed to be White’s help rushes in to cover the run. Buffalo brings pressure up the middle with LB Tremaine Edmunds who rushes QB Ryan Fitzpatrick.

Buffalo is able to collapse the pocket quickly causing a quick decision and poor throw by Fitzpatrick that gives White the chance he needs for the interception.

Ford also runs a very poor route giving his QB no help to actually make a play. Fitzpatrick tries to force the ball to Ford when he should have just thrown it away.

Ford is running a post out towards the sidelines. He is able to use his speed to get underneath White and catch him flat-footed. But White is able to plant his foot in the ground and stay in step with Ford.

White is then able to jump in front of the ball, keep two feet in bounds, secure the catch, and make one of the best plays of the entire game.

White Takes Advantage of Denver’s Horrendous Day

Tre White’s Interception against Denver

On a gusty Sunday in Buffalo, N.Y., the Bills completely dismantled the Denver Broncos by a score of 20-3. The Bills defense played at the most elite level that had not been seen yet to that point, and they completely shut down anything the Broncos offense had going.

White once again had another Pro Bowl-caliber day as he shut down Denver’s top receiver Courtland Sutton in the Bills rout at New Era Field.

White made a great play to stop Denver’s momentum as they were driving down the field to try to take the lead at the end of the half.

White was one-on-one with Sutton. Sutton ran a curl route, but it looked like there was a miscommunication between Quarterback Brandon Allen and Sutton.

Allen completely overthrows Sutton and White makes the read to grab the interception and stop Denver from scoring.

White Cement’s Himself as a Pro Bowler Against Pittsburgh

With the playoffs on the line and the game flexed to Sunday night, the Bills showed up. Buffalo intercepted Steelers QB Devlin Hodges four times and forced five total turnovers. Josh Allen came up clutch again with a game-clinching fourth-quarter TD to Tyler Kroft that clinched a playoff spot for the Bills.

Two of Buffalo’s five turnovers were thanks to Tre’Davious White who truly cemented in himself as a Pro Bowler in prime time.

White Comes Up Clutch… Again

Tre White’s first interception against the Steelers

White adds another drive stopping interception to his resume with this one. The Steelers’ first drive of the game ends in just seven plays thanks to him.

The Bills are in a zone defense. White is shadowing WR James Washington with safety Micah Hyde helping over the top. Buffalo applies pressure at the line of scrimmage with Jordan Phillips and Lorenzo Alexander by running a “stunt.”

Alexander is able to pull both the guard and the tackle inside towards allowing Phillips to go around behind him and apply pressure on Hodges. This forces Hodges to make a quick throw and lay a duck up for Washington.

I think Hodges was trying to throw it away, but White is able to track the ball, keep Washington out of the way, make the grab, and keep two feet in bounds.

This is one of White’s most athletic interceptions and it shows off his amazingly high football IQ by being able to track the ball in the air as he did.

White’s second interception

Tre White’s second interception

Tre’Davious White and the Bills’ defense once again shows up to stop the Steelers in just six quick plays.

The Bills are running a zone with White shadowing WR Diontae Johnson with no help over the top. The defensive line is able to quickly collapse the pocket which includes an outside blitz on Hodges’ blindside by CB Kevin Johnson.

Hodges senses the pressure and see’s the pocket collapsing around him and makes a quick throw to the outside to try to hit D. Johnson. He tries to zip in the window that the out route left open, but White closes fast and takes the ball away for an almost pick-six.

White is able to read the quarterback’s eyes and close quickly on Johnson. The ball is a little behind Johnson and White is able to snag it out of the air and return it for 49 yards to the Pittsburgh 18.

White makes a fantastic read to jump the route and secure the catch. He uses his intuition to jump up and cover the receiver since CB Taron Johnson stays down low in the flat.

Final Thoughts

Tre’Davious White showed consistently throughout the year that he deserves his Pro Bowl selection each time he was on the field. White is one of the best defensive backs in the league, and the Bills are extremely lucky to have him.

His ability to cover every inch of the field and to match with any receiver in the league is unmatched. He is a terror to opposing quarterbacks and next year should be great.

GM Brandon Beane should pay White whatever he wants to keep him around because he is a true cornerstone of this defense and one of the best to ever do it.

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