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What Does Josh Allen Have to Accomplish to Receive a Long-Term Deal?

Josh Allen’s third season with the Buffalo Bills will be a crucial year for him to prove his worth to the franchise.



I want to start by saying that Josh Allen has already proven many wrong and has already competed at accomplished a significant feat, which is that he took a significant step forward from year one to year two. Many quarterbacks find it challenging to progress in their second season, as most of their opponents have a good grasp on that player’s core strengths and weaknesses.

Fortunately for Josh Allen, with his raw talent, he was able to progress in his second season. To a point that many analysts are now locking him in as a quarterback that will likely be in Buffalo for the long haul.

Before I provide my prediction of where Josh Allen will be for the long-term, I would like to discuss what Josh Allen still needs to accomplish to solidify himself as the franchise quarterback of the Buffalo Bills.

Josh Allen’s Current Status

Firstly, I want to say that I believe in Josh Allen. I believe Josh Allen has shown glimpses of brilliance, and I believe he can continue to work on consistently performing at a high level. I also believe Josh Allen has the potential to become an upper-echelon quarterback in the NFL. Having said that, I don’t think he is quite there yet and has significant strides to take if he wants to be considered a top tier quarterback.

Josh Allen put together a very respectable season in 2019, and although the Buffalo Bills 2019 season didn’t end on the highest note with a tough loss to the Houston Texans, it became apparent by the end of the season that Josh Allen had proven to the locker room that he is willing to do anything to win. I believe he gained the respect of his teammates, and that can go a long way for a young quarterback trying to prove himself to all the doubters.

With a passer rating of 85.3, which doesn’t seem like a poor rating considering it was only his second season and the lack of talent on the offense, he still remained near the bottom of the league in this statistic.

The Josh Allen Intangibles

It should be mentioned that he is also a dual-threat quarterback, and his explosive running game was not taken into consideration when calculating this rating. What enters my mind here is that there appears to be a disconnect between the ‘eye test’, meaning how he looks to a fan or an analyst without analyzing his statistics, and how his statistics actually break down at the end of each season.

In my opinion, he is an excellent leader, a vocal leader, and a player that is willing to do whatever it takes to succeed. Those are intangibles that cannot appear in statistics but are crucial to any franchise quarterback.

Without the hunger and will to win, even if a player’s statistics are stellar, I don’t think the statistics are enough to give a player a long-term contract. Fortunately, Josh Allen has the hunger and will to win at all costs, and that to me is not a skill that can be taught.

Josh Allen has shown that he can be taught and formed into an NFL quarterback. With his positive development over the last two seasons, I am confident that he can continue to develop into the quarterback the organization needs.

He still remains a relatively raw talent, but his mental strength and appeared in a variety of moments during critical games, and this, to me, is what I want to see in the Buffalo Bills quarterback of the future.


If Josh Allen can take a similar step forward to what he took last season, I believe he will answer a lot of the questions that the Bills management team has been asking. Allen doesn’t need to take a leap forward and become a top tier quarterback to land a long-term deal with the Bills. Josh Allen doesn’t need to win a playoff game to prove that he belongs in the NFL.

Josh needs to show a willingness to learn from his mistakes, work on consistency and accuracy, and with a strong work ethic, he can prove to be a quality starting quarterback that uses weapons around him to improve his team’s winning percentage and ideally playoff winning percentage.