Josh Allen Injury Diagnosis

Josh Allen’s suffered a left shoulder injury: what is it, and what should we expect? With just around five minutes left in the 2nd quarter, Josh Allen made a remarkable scramble and shoveled off a near 3rd down conversion to Stefon Diggs.  Josh Allen ran to the locker room after the play. The Buffalo Bills settled for a 24-yard Tyler Bass FG to extend their lead to 17-6 prior to the end of the first half. Josh returned to action with a black wrap on his left arm and finished the game.

What was the Josh Allen injury?

Well, let’s rejoice Josh didn’t injury his clavicle.  The injury appears to be a mild, grade 1 AC joint sprain.  He likely felt a mild pop, ran into the locker room, the team got an x-ray and looked at it without pads on, and came to the conclusion to return to play.  He’s wearing a similar harness as Tremaine Edmunds. Grade 1 AC joint sprains will clear up in 1-3 weeks, and Josh is a big boy, locked and loaded.

The moral of the story? Josh Allen is tough as nails. He is a competitor, a warrior, a team leader, and an NFL analytic enigma. Josh Allen is throwing 1,300+ yards, 12 TDs, 70+ comp %, and has three Rush TDs.  He is an MVP candidate. His team is 4-0, and he is unbreakable. It’s not PFF vs Buffalo anymore; it’s Josh Allen vs the World, and Buffalo is winning.  Get the tables and cross your chests: Josh Allen is an MVP candidate, and he can’t be stopped!

15 thoughts on “Josh Allen Injury Diagnosis

  1. The authors credibility needs to be called into question. Does he have the necessary degrees to be commenting on someone’s injury based on watching football on TV?

    1. I think comparing to bears is tough play, In order to more completely understand the way that minds are made, a broader approach must be considered, which begins by studying species that occupy social and physical ecological niches that are different from those that are most familiar

  2. Thank goodness Trump didn’t buy the Bills! He’d have used them as collateral to overextend himself and bankrupted the team

  3. Gotta watch him landing on the ground and lowering his shoulder now – I’m sure he can play through it though on his non throwing arm.

      1. Trump already has the most clout. Why would it be fake? Bills should have probably let him buy it. Now he’s president and rigs the AFC East for Kraft every year.

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