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Josh Allen Injury Diagnosis



Josh Allen’s suffered a left shoulder injury: what is it, and what should we expect? With just around five minutes left in the 2nd quarter, Josh Allen made a remarkable scramble and shoveled off a near 3rd down conversion to Stefon Diggs.  Josh Allen ran to the locker room after the play. The Buffalo Bills settled for a 24-yard Tyler Bass FG to extend their lead to 17-6 prior to the end of the first half. Josh returned to action with a black wrap on his left arm and finished the game.

What was the Josh Allen injury?

Well, let’s rejoice Josh didn’t injury his clavicle.  The injury appears to be a mild, grade 1 AC joint sprain.  He likely felt a mild pop, ran into the locker room, the team got an x-ray and looked at it without pads on, and came to the conclusion to return to play.  He’s wearing a similar harness as Tremaine Edmunds. Grade 1 AC joint sprains will clear up in 1-3 weeks, and Josh is a big boy, locked and loaded.

The moral of the story? Josh Allen is tough as nails. He is a competitor, a warrior, a team leader, and an NFL analytic enigma. Josh Allen is throwing 1,300+ yards, 12 TDs, 70+ comp %, and has three Rush TDs.  He is an MVP candidate. His team is 4-0, and he is unbreakable. It’s not PFF vs Buffalo anymore; it’s Josh Allen vs the World, and Buffalo is winning.  Get the tables and cross your chests: Josh Allen is an MVP candidate, and he can’t be stopped!