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Josh Allen Cashes In With Massive Extension: How It Compares



Money talks, right? Isn’t that the expression? Last year, after watching the exeptional growth from Josh Allen, Brandon Beane and Sean McDermott both agreed that the search was over. The Buffalo Bills found their franchise quarterback; something that’s eluded them since Jim Kelly retired. However, public endoresements are free of charge… So the real question of their belief in him would be how his contract situation played out during the offseason.

As of today, Josh Allen and the team’s belief can no longer be described as “free of charge”. The Bills backed up their belief with quite the pay day, rewarding Josh Allen with one of the largest contracts ever given to an NFL player. The Bills and Allen agreed to a six-year, $258 million contract extension. The deal will keep Allen in Buffalo through the 2028 season, if you account for this upcoming fourth year on his rookie contract and then the fifth-year option that was picked up in May.

All the details of the deal have yet to become public but at this point here is what we know.

  • 6 yrs/$258 million
  • $150 million guaranteed
  • Average of $43 million per season
Image courtesy of @BuffaloBillsPR

Average Salary: How Does It Compare?

The question on everyone’s mind is how this deal compares to Patrick Mahomes. With the information we have now we can compare it and I have a feeling Bills fans will like what they see.

PlayerAverage Salary
Patrick Mahomes$45 million
Josh Allen$43 million
Dak Prescott$40 million
Deshaun Watson$39 million
Russel Wilson$35 million

Once the extension kicks in, Allen will have the second highest average salary in the league, second only to Patrick Mahomes. Average salary is something to take note of, but it doesn’t give us the complete picture on what Allen’s annual cap hit will be. Brandon Beane is known for his crafty contract structring ways so I am very interested to see the details of how this deal was structured once they are leaked.

Guaranteed Money: How Does It Compare?

The only other figure we have at this time is the guaratneed money, so let’s take a look at how Allen ranks in that regard.

PlayerGuaranteed Money
Josh Allen$150 million
Patrick Mahomes$141 million
Dak Prescott$126 million
Deshaun Watson$111 million
Jared Goff$110 million

Let this sink in: The Buffalo Bills just gave Josh Allen the most guaratneed money in NFL history. No player to ever suit up in the NFL has been given more guaratneed money at signing than Joshua Patrick Allen. That was just as insane to type as I’m sure it was for you to read. It is hard to fathom that the Bills, just three years removed from a season where they rolled out Derek Anderson and Nathan Peterman, have now given an unprecedented amount of money to Josh Allen. Needless to say, the tide and trajectory of this franchise turned very quickly for Buffalo.

Back in March, I took a dive into what most thought Allen’s extension could look like. While the term in the prediction wasn’t as long, if you project it out to the actual six years, many anaylsits predictions were very close. Did Beane get the bargain that he was hoping for? Probably not. I am glad to get Allen locked up but nothing about the second biggest contrcat of all time screams bargain. Sometimes you have to pony up and pay. Did Allen rob the Bills? Absoluetly not. Did he have leverage? You bet. Allen and his agents know that after spinning their wheels for the better part of two decades the Bills are finally back – and the majority of that has to do with Josh Allen, who now holds the undisputed, long-awaited title of franchise quarterback of the Buffalo Bills.