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Buffalo Bills

It’s time for the Buffalo Bills to call up WR Duke Williams from the Practice Squad

After four games, I think it’s become evident that the Buffalo Bills need a receiver who can make contested catches, and the only wide receiver they have to that end is Duke Williams. Call him up!



What a heartbreaking loss to the New England Patriots in Week Four! I watched the game with my buddy (a Dolphins fan), and we talked about which is more difficult: losing in a blowout or losing a game your team should have won. We decided the blowout was easier, as my buddy is getting used to it. (Sorry, Everett!)

Contested Catches

The Smurfs, the Bills diminutive receiving corps, known for their ability to get open because of quickness and short-area speed, struggled mightily to get open against New England’s talented secondary.

With a receiver that elevate and make catches on 50/50 balls, it’s possible that we would have seen some more catches, especially in the red zone, and Williams might have offered the ability to protect Allen on some of his “hero ball” idiot plays.

Duke’s strength and willingness to go up for the ball would make him a unique threat in Daboll’s offense, especially against man coverage. Yes, the roster sports some big and promising young tight ends who can go up and get the ball, but Williams would offer a nice hybrid of speed and strength.

Duke’s Place on the Roster

After yesterday’s poor showing and lack of production this year, many members of Bills Mafia are calling for Zay Jones’ head.

And that may be fair. Zay is a solid blocker, and he can contribute on special teams, but as anyone who has seen his CFL tape will know, Duke Williams is no slouch in blocking or physicality.

Duke, I think, would be a great fit as a run-blocker, and with him on the team, Beasley could be subbed out in run situations to provide better push downfield. Duke’s physicality and willingness to put “his face in the fan” would be a welcome addition to a Special Teams unit that … well, could use some help.

Time to Cut Zay Jones?

I don’t think it’s time yet to end our tenure with Zay. I like Zay. I think he has the ability to be a poor man’s Robert Woods, but it seems like his confidence is low and his chemistry with Josh Allen is about as compatible as me on a first date with a vegan … not good.

No, I would hold onto Zay if I could, and, perhaps, I would consider cutting ties with Connor McDermott, who is versatile, yes, but not really good at anything. Or perhaps (despite family connections), our young TEs have shown that we can move on from Jason Croom. I think Zay offers more potential than either of these players.


If it’s time to move on from Zay Jones, fine. I can live with that, but I do like this kid, and I think he’s got potential. He seems to be a guy who only goes as far as his fragile confidence takes him.

But it is definitely time to add Duke Williams to the roster. He’s earned it, and he possesses the skills that the Buffalo Bills so desperately need right now. He can contribute to special teams and the run game, and, well … who doesn’t want to see Duke run through CBs in the NFL like he did in the Great White North?