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If You Can’t Beat Buffalo Bills Fans, Cheat Them



If you can’t beat us, cheat us! The Buffalo Bills fans were going against the Tennessee Titans fans in the Fox Sports NFL Best NFL Fan Base poll. It was pretty clear that Titans fans knew they were not able to pull out the win so they resorted to opening up the wallets and rigging the system.

WGR550 Buffalo Bills beat reporter Sal Capaccio eluded to the possibility of Titans bloggers and podcasters buying thousands of votes using bots.

The more digging that was done the more obvious it appeared the rigging was. Apparently fans had placed large bets to win the poll and were willing to spend money to make money.

Blatantly cheating is frowned upon so you had other podcasters trying to keep it on the hush. Hard to explain how 20,000 votes came in a matter of seconds. Oh wait, you actually can explain when some are not even ashamed to gloat about it.

I’m sure many remember the Music City Miracle and how the Buffalo Bills were robbed of a chance of advancing in the 1999 playoffs and potentially making it to the Superbowl.

Not only was it a forward pass then, it looks like Tennessee Titans fans went ahead and forwarded some money to cheat their way to the top now. Everyone knows how Buffalo Bills fans roll. Titans fans knew it would’ve been extremely hard to beat the Buffalo Fanatics and everyone in the BillsMafia. We will and will forever be the best fan base in all of sports. We didn’t need a Twitter poll to prove that.

Hey Titans, we’ll see you in on the field in 2019. That’s when you really need to #TitanUP

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