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Good Morning Football Play of the Year Is the Josh Allen Hurdle



Josh Allen

Josh Allen had an iconic moment in his rookie year; that was two minutes to go in the first quarter when he hurdled 6-foot-5 inch Minnesota Vikings linebacker Anthony Barr. It was an insane feat of athleticism that put him on the stage nationally, in addition to going into Minneapolis when the Buffalo Bills were sixteen and a half point underdogs and dominated. Not to mention, this game was given CBS‘ game of the week as Jim Nantz and Tony Romo were the commentators for the game. This was also the first win for Josh Allen as the starting quarterback for the Bills in the NFL.

Josh Allen’s hurdle to some people wasn’t even the best play of that game since his balls thrown had excellent touch and timing especially his touchdown pass to a beyond wide open Tight End Jason Croom. Additionally, he had a swing pass to running back Chris Ivory that ended in a 55 yard gain. As a matter of fact, he also had 39 yards on the ground with two rushing touchdowns and 196 yards passing for good measure. While his numbers don’t look overly impressive, especially compared to Kirk Cousins having 100 more yards passing, however most of that was in garbage time and the Bills had excellent field position almost all of the game.

All and all, Josh Allen’s future looks promising with the Buffalo Bills no matter what some people have to say about his accuracy issues or lack thereof. This could be especially true since that the game should slow down for him even more in his second season, plus they added weapons for him to throw the ball to at every single passing level in Cole Beasley, Duke Williams, and John Brown at wide receiver and tight ends Jake Fisher and Tyler Croft.