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Buffalo Bills Gameday in the UK is not fun.



Every TV is tuned into the broadcast. The pubs are flowing with beer. Streets are crowded with fans and flags. At the stadium, the stands are full of excited and eager fans; the chants and cheering are plentiful and loud. This is what a typical game day in the UK is like.

England fans cheer on their team outside Wembley Stadium ahead of the UEFA EURO 2020 final football match between England and Italy in northwest London on July 11, 2021. (Photo by Niklas HALLE’N / AFP) (Photo by NIKLAS HALLE’N/AFP via Getty Images)

For a football game; as I’m sure you’ve witnessed during the Euros. (I would love to tell you that the rowdiness was a one-off because football was potentially coming home, but that would be a lie.)

Unsurprisingly, NFL gamedays are significantly quieter.

There’s no fanfare here. In fact, I doubt there are many people who even know a game is on. So, you can imagine just how boring it can actually be. No one to cheer with, no one to drink with, and even more heartbreakingly: no one to argue with.

So, I wake up in the morning, bursting with excitement that football is on today. But I have no one to share that excitement with except, of course, strangers on the internet. Let’s not forget that it can be a minimum 12-hour delay from waking up to kick off.

That’s 12 hours of dwindling excitement.

12 hours of football-free time.

12 hours of absolutely no football discussion.

It’s torture. Though it’s even worse when the delay can be up to 19 hours.

So, in the UK, gameday can actually be awful… until the actual game.

This is why I need to get to Buffalo to watch a game at least once in my life. To experience what game day is like for people who actually like football. Not just a few friends or family who agree to watch with me out of guilt that I’m watching alone. Those who have no idea what’s going on and spend the entirety of the game asking me what every rule is and who each player is. Those who annoyingly state that “this is basically like rugby”. For the love of God, it is NOTHING like rugby.

Hopefully, with the few NFL fans I’ve met recently, I may actually have someone to watch the games with who won’t ask me these annoying questions… Hopefully.

Much like Marty McFly, Trish Patel (aka Tyler Bass Enthusiast) is a time traveller who stole a sports almanac so as to fool you mortals into believing that she can predict the stats of a game. If you come at her on social media, there is an excellent chance you'll get burnt. They don't call her @savage_trish for nothing.