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Four Downs with David: Your Favorite Bills Gifts

Welcome back to “Four Downs with David.” In the spirit of the holiday season, I wanted to share with the readers four Buffalo Bills related gifts I’ve received over the years.



One of the best things about receiving Buffalo Bills related gifts is that whether they are practical or no, there is always room for another Bills item in your man cave (or she-shed)! I encourage all of you to share and comment with your favorite Bills themed gifts you have received (or given) over the years!

1st Down: Bills Mini Pillow

While a Bills mini pillow doesn’t necessarily incite a huge “wow” factor, there is a sentimental angle to this gift. I received a Bills mini pillow as a Christmas gift from my parents when I was no more than 4-5 years old. This gift was the first Bills related gift I can ever remember receiving for Christmas.

That is to say, it is my first real memory of receiving a Bills related gift. I know for sure there were Bills onesies, baby clothes, etc., but this item that is burned into my memory banks.

What is even cooler is through several moves to multiple apartments and houses, this pillow has stayed with me through it all. It now rests safely in my bonus room as a mainstay on one of my couches.

2nd Down: New Era Field Turf

A recent gift, one of the coolest Bills related items I own, is a piece of the blue end zone field turf from New Era Field. Many fans likely grabbed a piece of history when The Buffalo Turf Company began selling sections of turf (from various areas of the old field) this past year.

Although it serves no real practical purpose, it is an item that makes for an interesting discussion piece. One of the best things about this particular turf is that it comes from the field during the time in Bills’ history where they broke their 17-year playoff drought.

Although I haven’t done it yet, I fully plan on putting the piece of turf in a shadow box, accompanied by a nice, quality, plaque.

3rd Down: Lee Evans Jersey

One thing that is a bit of an oddity related to my Bills “memorabilia history,” is the fact that I didn’t actually own my first Bills jersey until I was a teenager. I will never forget my mom getting me a Lee Evans jersey in the mid 2000s for Christmas.

Lee Evans was always one of my favorite receivers on the Bills and was clearly one of the best we had during the drought years. Eric Moulds was my favorite receiver (and possibly, my all-time favorite Bills player) as I was growing up, but once I received the Lee Evans jersey as a gift, it cemented a special place in my heart for the former Wisconsin Badger.

From that point forward, I lived and died with every bomb J.P. Losman lofted downfield to Lee.

4th Down: Autographed Fred Jackson Jersey

Maybe the most notable piece of Bills memorabilia I own is a signed Fred Jackson jersey. This was a recent gift my wife found for me online. Through one of the many and special people I’ve met on social media since starting The Bills Guys podcast, Jim Reuther had this jersey available, and my wife knew it would be the perfect gift for me.

The somewhat humorous background leading up to receiving this gift is the array of jerseys I had before adding the Fred Jackson one to my collection. My friends always make fun of me for the “roster” I put together of Bills jerseys over the years. Starting with Lee Evans, I also own a Paul Posluszny, C.J. Spiller, Steve Johnson, and Mario Williams.

I always seemed to focus on the players I liked during those 2000’s years, but now I realize the error in my ways. It’s time to add the all-time greats to the collection! Perhaps there will be a new Jim Kelly, Thurman Thomas, Andre Reed, or Bruce Smith jersey under the tree this year!!!