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Fantasy Football: Zay Jones or Robert Foster?

Robert Foster v.s Zay Jones- Which one should you draft in fantasy football this season?



Training camps are coming soon and with that comes fantasy football as well. Some fantasy drafts are later in July while others might happen right before the season. But for those looking to get a head start, here is some fantasy football debate on which late round Buffalo Bills wide receiver is more valuable.

Zay Jones

According to, Zay Jones is barely even getting drafted in fantasy leagues. He could be a free dart throw pick at the end of your drafts with massive upside. Jones has a lot of things in his favor to support a third year breakout. Typically, wider receivers tend to break out in their third season and Jones already showed a small breakout in 2018. He scored five touchdowns in the last five games with two of them being multi-touchdown games.

Jones has the draft capital where Robert Foster does not. Sean McDermott has invested significant, real NFL Draft capital into Jones, therefore, he will get more opportunities and more chances naturally. In an ascending offense, with a quarterback that should take another step forward in 2019, Zay Jones could be a great breakout candidate who is basically free in your fantasy drafts. A target monster, Jones will probably lead the Bills in targets which adds value. Drafting him will cost fantasy gamers nothing and the rewards could be well worth it.

Robert Foster

Foster may be more talented than anyone in the NFL realizes, even the Bills. He is currently being drafted around rounds 9-12 or later in fantasy. If you zoom in on his college career, he was never given a chance and battled injuries. He only played three games each year Freshman through Junior year. Nobody has ever seen Robert Foster’s best football yet and that is what makes him so interesting. Football fans saw a glimpse of his talent last year when he clicked with Josh Allen. He has elite speed running a 4.41-second 40-yard dash which was also put on display in his rookie season.

Foster’s undrafted status makes it easier for the Bills to get rid of him if he doesn’t play well in the future. An undrafted receiver has less organizational commitment than a second-round pick like Zay Jones. Foster could be a stud that just never got a real chance to show his talents in college. The NFL has never seen his best football yet and if that best football is an elite deep threat receiver he could have massive upside in fantasy football. Nobody knows exactly how good he is, but that means nobody knows how good he can really be and that is intriguing upside in fantasy.

Who Do You Draft?

If you’re reading this article, you’re almost guaranteed to be a Bills fan. That does not mean you should draft both Foster and Jones. Fantasy gamers should pick one they like more and go with him. Jones is the safer pick because he is cheap and has a higher ceiling because of his draft capital and his high target share. Foster is a little more expensive in drafts, has bust potential but also has an extremely high upside. Fantasy gamers must decide between the safer pick v.s the risk-reward pick.

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