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Evaluating Potential Options for the Buffalo Bills Third Quarterback Spot

Evaluating some of the possible replacements for Derek Anderson



Journeyman quarterback Derek Anderson recently retired from the NFL. It remains to be seen whether Brandon Beane wants to play with just Josh Allen and Matt Barkley to make room for players at other positions, or if he will add a third quarterback. The latter is more likely. Here are some options that could end up on the roster come training camp.

Tyree Jackson

Tyree Jackson is a name most Bills fans have heard of. Playing in their backyard, he was the 2018-2019 Mid-American Conference Offensive Player of the Year at the University of Buffalo. He attended the 2019 Senior Bowl as well as the 2019 NFL Combine but could not earn himself a draft selection. The Bills scooped him up as an undrafted free agent (UDFA).

He possesses similar traits to Allen (large, big arm, accuracy concerns). However, he could be a worthy project if he can refine his game over the years. His size, athleticism, and arm strength are extraordinary. He even trained pre-draft with Jordan Palmer, who trained with Allen and Sam Darnold last year. Jackson’s talents can’t be inflated because of subjectivity; he is extremely raw. But, he could train with Palmer and Allen and become Allen’s backup for years to come if he can progress over time in the NFL.

Brock Osweiler

He’s tall just like Josh Allen! But on a serious note, Brock Osweiler has proved he can be a sufficient backup in the NFL. He learned behind Peyton Manning, helped the Denver Broncos in 2015, and has since stuck around the league. He is capable of being a quality 3rd string QB who showed some flashes even last season in Miami when he got to play. His playoff experience from Denver and Houston along with his journeyman status could be beneficial to the growth of Josh Allen. He would be a quality disaster quarterback on the roster and another veteran presence in the locker room.

Mark Sanchez

Sanchez has been in the league for eight seasons now and has been just average at best. While some will argue it was because of the defense, he did take the NY Jets to the AFC Championship game as a rookie. In his second season, he did it again. He is a game manager and can fill in if necessary to kill the clock and not turn the ball over. He started one game for the Washington Redskins last season, got injured, and had his season ended. If he is healthy and willing to come back to the NFL, it would almost be a Derek Anderson situation; he would be coming back for Josh Allen and the paycheck, not for football unless absolutely necessary. Eight years of experience and an exceptional game manager skill set could help teach Allen to avoid turnovers.

Josh McCown

McCown was a target Bills fans wanted last season as soon as they drafted Josh Allen. In football world terms, he is a “pro’s pro.” McCown has never been a negative figure in the media and has gone about his business playing football for 16 years in the NFL. McCown is known as a great character, locker room guy, and leader who young players have looked up to. McCown mentored Sam Darnold for the Jets and he could do the same for Allen. He would be the perfect swap for Derek Anderson and if he is willing could collect his paycheck and teach Allen everything he has learned over his 16 seasons.

Other Names

  • Geno Smith
  • Josh Johnson

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