Ed Oliver To Buffalo Is No Longer Smoke


Sean McDermott may be tough, but Sean McDermott almost felt the wrath of a 280 pound first round defensive linemen that goes by the name of Ed Oliver.

On Thursday University of Houston’s Ed Oliver put on a show at his Pro Day. The gaudy numbers sent shock waves among the Twitter-verse. Oliver’s short-shuttle was so quick that he beat out NFL superstars such as Le’Veon Bell (4.24), Julio Jones (4.25) and even Aaron Donald (4.39).

Via @Gil_Brandt (Twitter)

What caught the eyes of Bills fans, was the presence of head coach Sean McDermott. As seen on video, Oliver turns the corner rolling right into an unexpecting Buffalo Bills head coach.

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Ed Oliver doing his thing in position drills. pic.twitter.com/h9eoYZwVcH

Buffalo has already met with Oliver on two separate occasions. The first being at the combine. Second, a private (official 30) visit. Ed Oliver’s Pro Day will be the third time they’ve either met or viewed him this off-season. Not to mention general manager Brandon Beane was in the house. It’s no longer time to believe that Oliver to Buffalo could just be smoke. It’s time to consider it as a real possibility. As McDermott intently watched over Oliver’s workout you can envision Ed in a Bills jersey on draft night. The type of gaffe between Oliver and McDermott displayed on video is the type of incident you’ll look back on and realize it was fate.

How would you feel with Oliver at 9? There’s also the possibility that he goes earlier than expected. Ed would fill a 3 technique spot in Sean McDermott’s defense to go along with his rotation of Star Lotulelei, Jordan Phillips and Harrison Phillips.

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