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Early 2021 Buffalo Bills Fantasy Outlook



It really is never too early to start talking fantasy football, especially when your team finally has fantasy-relevant players. You would have to go back to the Kelly, Reed, Thurman era for the last time this team had draftable players. It is fun to final draft and own players from the Bills and not be called a “homer” for drafting them or hearing someone yell “reach” when you take them.

I will touch on the key offensive position for the Bills players, highlighting both re-draft and dynasty players. We will touch on IDP leagues in the next article. Yes the majority of free agency is over, but the NFL draft, as well as training camp, could have some effect on this list, so look back for a follow-up article closer to the season.

Josh Allen

Let’s start with the obvious here. Everybody’s fun loving, video game playing, looks good in shorts wearing QB, Josh Allen. He is by far the Bills best dynasty fantasy football assest.

There is no doubt that after last year’s performance (5,175 total yards, 45 total TDs) Josh Allen belongs in the conversation as one of the top dynasty quarterbacks. In my book, he is a close second to Patrick Mahomes. With the offense built around him, and still at the ripe age of 24, the sky is the limit for Allen.

In re-draft leagues, Allen still remains at the top due to his rushing ability (631 yards with eight TDs). Who doesn’t like a dual-threat quarterback leading the charge of their fantasy team? No matter what the Bills do in the up-and-coming draft, I do not see the value of Allen going down.

Devin Singletary & Zack Moss

Yes, I am lumping these two together right now, as not only does one not stick out over the other in terms of fantasy, but there is a really good chance that after the NFL draft, both players may become undraftable. It also hurts both running backs that they have such a mobile QB. Allen does steal some value from them, especially inside the red zone.

From a dynasty standpoint, Moss is the preferable back to own. He has more characteristics of an every-down back, and we have no seen his potential yet. Last season he did miss three regular-season games with injuries, but he did flash some potential that has left fans lingering for more. If the Bills do not select a running back early, Moss could climb the ranks quickly.

Unless you have a deep bench in a re-draft league, I would probably stay away from both players. Neither has all that much appeal. If I had to choose one to stash, and the scoring is PPR (points per reception), I would lean Singletary. He can be used out of the backfield and rack up some points with his receiving ability.

I will briefly mention Matt Brenda here. There is no guarantee that he makes the team, but if he does, I can see him eating into Singletary’s carries. This is something to keep an eye on in camp.

Stefon Diggs

This is where the Bills are the deepest: the wide receiver position. And, boy, do they have one of the best in the game.

Diggs exploded onto the scene in Buffalo like ketchup and mustard from Pinto Ron. He set single-season records for the Bills on his way to 127 receptions, 1,535 yards, and eight touchdowns. Now, that is a really high bar to set for the seasons to come, but with Allen slinging him the pill, I think he can do it.

Diggs value, like Allen, is about the same in both re-draft and dynasty leagues. He should be one of the first receivers off the board in both, carrying every week value. If he plays like he did last year, he will remain matchup proof, meaning you can safely roll him out every week.

PS. I cannot wait to see the cleats and sneakers he pumps out now that he is with the Jordan brand! I am a little geeked out over that!

Cole Beasley

Buffalo’s favorite little slot lyricist with the flowing golden locks holds the most value in re-draft leagues. He is go to in late rounds of PPR drafts. He caught 82 balls last year and is a good bye-week fill in for owners. Only knock I would have on him is that he only found the end zone four times last season

Gabriel Davis

Davis is the next Bills WR I am excited about. He screams, “Own me!” in dynasty leagues. Think about all the rookie WR that went off in 2020. Now, think about how he led all rookie WRs in touchdowns of 20+ yards. Yeah, I know, that is impressive for the 4th round pick from UCF.

Now with all that praise said, I would not take Davis early in fantasy rounds, due to Allen spreading the ball out and the weapons around him. Because of Diggs, Davis will not face any double teams, and I feel good taking him in later rounds of a draft.

Emmanuel Sanders

Sanders came over this off-season from the Saints and should fill the WR3 spot for the Bills. Sanders will probably end up being more valuable in real life than in fantasy sports. I think he takes a back seat to Beasley, Diggs, and Davis. Barring injuries to one of those three, I would leave him un-drafted.

Dawson Knox

Knox may be falling out of favor with some fans for his drops, but I still have some faith in Knox. Now, maybe that is because I have watched his college tape plenty of times, and I love a tight end with size that can run down the seam, but the talent is there.

Sometimes, it takes the tight end position longer to transition to the NFL, and this could be the case with Knox. It is a good sign that he has already been spotted working out with Allen.

He should go un-drafted in re-draft leagues, like Sanders above, but a late round stash in dynasty leagues is not far fetched.

Man, that was fun to write about. It feels good to talk about the Bills again in a positive way. I hope you enjoyed the input, and I hope you enjoy owning some of your hometown team this year in your leagues. Look for a follow-up to this article closer to the season, and look for the defensive version soon.