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Discussion: Buffalo Bills Defensive Free Agent Targets



This week on the Nap Knows Buffalo Football Podcast, Nap and Casey discuss the release of John Brown and Quinton Jefferson and what that could mean for the Bills moving forward. It’s safe to say they didn’t expect both to be cut.

Then, they talk about the guys they think the Bills could target in free agency on the defensive side of the ball. Do the Bills look to sign a top-tier pass rusher or defensive tackle? Do they go all-in on the secondary? Which bargain-bin free agents should the Bills consider on defense? The guys don’t always agree so you’ll hear multiple answers to how the bills could work through Free Agency!

Then, Casey talks through his three current draft crushes, with this week’s focus being on the defensive line. They close out the show with Casey discussing his absolutely insane personal take that he could beat a Tiger one on one in a fight. Spoiler alert… he can’t.

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