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Can Buffalo Cover the Spread Against Seattle +3



I’m pumped and ready to go for week 9!! After Green Bay murdered an already limping San Francisco team. I decided to go out and win a nice parlay. Aaron Rodgers over 275.5 passing, Green Bay -6.5 and finally Davante Adams an anytime touchdown scorer. 

I’m still riding high off my win, with that being said I’m excited to talk about Buffalo and Seattle this week. The battle of Josh Allen and Russel Wilson. So lets dive into into it!

Seattle -3

Buffalo is +3 right now, I’m prepared to make some people mad today. I don’t think Buffalo covers. It upsets me to say this. Honestly I don’t think Buffalo’s defense can keep up with Seattle. 

I always hated hearing “This Quarterback vs This Quarterback”. How cliche is that? No it’s Russell Wilson against Buffalo’s defense. Buffalo’s defense hasn’t been the best. Don’t get me wrong, Seattle doesn’t have the greatest defense either, but I’m looking at the quarterbacks and I trust Russell Wilson over Josh Allen.

This isn’t to say Josh Allen isn’t playing great it’s to say “Hey Russell Wilson is freaking amazing”. Wilson is playing out of his mind with DK Metcalf being covered by Tre White, expect Tyler Lockett to get a lot of yards. Cornerback number two is a very real weakness in this defense.

As much as it pains me I’m taking Seattle -3. I’m okay with losing this bet though.

Denver +4 

I’m taking Denver +4 and I’m of being told that I could be wrong. Denver is playing Atlanta. Geez, lets just break it down starting with the “I’ll play when I want to” defense.

Atlanta’s defense is a defense that makes me super super mad. They can be so good yet they miss assignments and look lost on the field at times. Denver’s offense is on the up and up. Jerry Juedy is starting to come on strong, which is a huge relief just throw him the ball Drew!

Denver is a playoff team before the injuries, a young team on the up and up. I’m done defending them. All Drew Lock needs to do is bring that swagger from last week and come out swinging. They have this game locked up.

Buffalo Bills Spread

Minnesota +4

I mean come on, Minnesota played on fire last week. Maybe I should say my boy Dalvin Cook. Cook went off against Green Bay and now he gets an even easier schedule. 

He gets to go up against Detroit, a defense that is supposed to be good. This defense is supposed to have been good the last five years, but it never seems to come to furition . Honestly I’m over Detroit’s defense but they aren’t even the main story here.

Mathew “Not Matt” Stafford is on the Covid list and might not play this weekend. If this is a possibility you have to lean over to the Vikings. This is a game that Minnesota goes off again. Just keep feeding Dalvin Cook. 

Buffalo Bills Spread

Arizona -3.5 

I had other games I thought about putting in this article unfortunately they seemed too easy to take. 

I’m here for Kyler Murray going completely off against one of the top scoring defenses in the league. Murray is a star and he’s had a bye week to study the defense that gave Jared Goff all kinds of fits.

Tua doesn’t scare me. He played decent. Just decent though. He’ll have his ups and downs but this will be a down week for him and critics will start asking for Ryan Fitzpatick back. 

Arizona by a billion. I know what I said. 

Check out the link below and look at the other members of Buffalo Fanatics and see who they are taking this week!

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