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Buffalo Fanatics Team

Pierre “Kingpin” Gabart Jr.
Founder/Co-Owner – President/CEO

Re-branded Buffalo Fanatics back in June of 2017 with my partners Bobby Ray and Rico Belony. Buffalo Fanatics formally known as Bills Fanatics, was created in 2013. Article written about Pierre by FOX affiliate.

Bobby Ray aka “Content King”
Co-owner/ Instagram Operator

Recruited to the Bills Fanatics in 2015 to create social media content. Co-creator of 2017 revitalization and re-brand of the Buffalo Fanatics. Once beefed with Mike Tolbert and made ESPN.

Rico Belony
Co-owner/ On-Air Personality

Zach Vaughn
Draft Analyst
Chief Editor,

Zach, a third generation Bills fan from Rochester (NY), joined Buffalo Fanatics in August 2020. His passion for the Bills is only matched by his love of history, popular culture, and Madden. He is a jet sweep enthusiast and a  member of the Isaiah McKenzie, Justin Zimmer, Levi Wallace, and Dane Jackson fan clubs.

Scott Bryk
Blog Contributor

Scott started writing for Buffalo Fanatics in March 2020. He’s a lifelong Bills fan who uses his vast knowledge of history and popular culture to discuss all the things known about the Bills any given week.

Adam Nannini
NFL Basement Podcast, Host

Joined the team in 2019, Adam is commonly known as “The Chief.” Adam is a lifelong Bills fan with an interest in NFL history, rules, strategy, and the historical personalities that formed our game. Though Adam is a strident Bills fan, he does not look good in shorts and makes a point to recognize those who do.

Erich Schmidt
Draft Analyst
Blog Contributor

Erich, known as the BF_Spy, joined the organization during the 2020 Buffalo Bills season. Erich is the author of the Spy column, analyst and pod/vid-cast contributor to The Buffalo Fanatics. The former Marine displays high energy and a drive for detailed analysis. Steve “The Judge” Mathes once attributed a Captain America gif to him.

Kyle Nap
Nap Knows Buffalo Podcast, Host

Kyle Nap is a table-breaking, Patriot-hating Bills Mafia member. He drove 20 hours to Jacksonville to attend the drought ending playoff game (and Lot X tailgate). Legend has it he shot -3 in a round of golf once, is a former D1 Football (intramural) champion, and has never lost money at a casino. He’s opinionated about the Bills and is right more often than Casey Reed.

Manraj “Manny” Deol
Blog Contributor

Manny joined Buffalo Fanatics a few years ago, after Adam the Editor in Chief “saw “some potential in his writing and his passion for the Bills. Manny usually writes very personal, passionate, connecting to the fan pieces. Is also the “Fantasy Guy” for Buffalo Fanatics. Occasional guest spots on the Buffalo Fanatics podcast lineups. Manny is born and raised in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada (Go Oilers!), but has been a fan of the Bills for over 30 years and an avid card collector. Wife thinks I am obsessed with Bills more than her… supposedly.

Alex Lucci aka “ThighDoctor”
Blog Contributor

Medical professional, Injury analyst , thigh specialist. Cover the Buffalo bills for the Buffalo Fanatics.